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"As I am privileged to live in a 'battleground' state, I get to see the BC04 ads, as well as the anti-Bush 527 ads. I recently moved from Washington, DC and lived through my first New Hampshire primary season and so am somewhat inured to political ads. However, I Noticed something funny/bizarre/interesting last night that puts both the five frame pause and the current debate about 527 ads in some context. Towards the end of WMUR's 11 o'clock news broadcast last night, they ran an anti-Bush 527 ad immediately before a BC04 ad in which the president gave his required "Stand By Your Ad" language at the beginning. Thus, to someone not paying a lot of attention (me), it almost sounded like the president had endorsed the prior ad. I don't know whether the BC04 ad had the five frame delay, but it did seem that the president's approval could easily have been ascribed to either the ad it followed or the ad it preceded, and I think any pause would only exacerbate this problem. I don't know who decides how ads are placed or juxtaposed for WMUR, but it must be someone with a sense of humor!"

In their story about yesterday's to and fro, Nick Anderson and Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times include three tailor-made paragraphs for those of you preparing those little blue index cards network anchors like to use.LINK

"Bush won the state's five electoral votes in 2000 by a surprising margin of 6 percentage points, the first time since 1928 that a Republican who was not an incumbent president had carried West Virginia. President Reagan last claimed it for the GOP in 1984."

"Bush has worked diligently to keep the state in his column. Early in his term he imposed tariffs on steel imports to help protect industry here. He also has sought to promote coal-mining interests that drive the local economy."

"Kerry hopes to win the state back with a Vietnam War resume he believes will appeal to veterans and their families. West Virginia, with 15.4% of its adult population having served in the military, is home to more veterans per capita than all but Alaska, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming."

The Tampa Tribune reports "Trying to deny Democrat John Kerry the crucial Florida Cuban-American vote, President Bush's campaign on Tuesday accused the senator of lying and denounced him as soft on dictator Fidel Castro." LINK

Peter Wallsten of the Miami Herald analyzes the same conference call and observes that Bush surrogates U.S. Reps. Mario Díaz-Balart of Miami and Mark Foley of West Palm Beach may have crossed the line. "But even in a time of torrid attacks from both sides, the piercing language lumping together Cuba's dictator with the winners of a legitimate election in Spain veered far off the Bush campaign script." LINK

Staunch Florida GOP supporters are already lining up for tickets to President Bush's big campaign event in Orlando this Saturday.LINK

Jim Ragsdale of the St. Paul Pioneer Press sums up the AARP's power in the upcoming race. "72 percent of U.S. citizens in the 65-to-74 age group voted in 2000 — the highest percentage of any age group." LINK

The AP reports that a new poll as Bush and Kerry in a virtual tie in Pennsylvania.LINK

In Ohio, the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Ansler profiles what he calls the average Ohio swing voter.LINK

Ralph Nader:

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