The Note

--The highway bill pork-loads; the energy bill confuses; Hastert finds some way to vent again. Jill Zuckman is all over the story.

--The ABC News Campaign Buses return!

--Journalists write articles speculating on an all-Catholic ticket if Kerry chooses Vilsack.

--41 and Barbara sit down with Jamie Gangell at least once and cluck in some newsworthy way about the state of the campaign.

--Carl Pope's media star continues to rise.

-- The 9/11 commission produces damaging leaks (to some party).

-- A week after the Boston Globe's book on John Kerry comes out, some hugely controversial aspect of his past (not mentioned in the book at all) surfaces.

--No European leader comes out as a Kerry supporter at next month's NATO meeting. The Washington Times revisits the French and Czech homes of Sen. Kerry with barely concealed sarcasm.

--European elections influence elite perspectives on Bush's foreign policy; coverage is framed differently, but Americans don't really care.

--Maxine Isaacs resumes her status as It professor at the Kennedy School as enterprising students try to get to her leak veepstakes tidbits.

--The Administration never finds a convincing spokesman for its economy policies, even if job growth picks up.

--More 1970 Harvard Crimson articles on Kerry's youthful verbal indiscretions surface.

--Three Ohio storylines will dominate, courtesy of Barone, Broder, Brownstein: state struggles to regain economic footing after structure of economy shifts; social and economic gulfs between Democrat-tending metro areas and Republican-tending suburbs; noticing that Ohio is William McKinley's home state, thus implicating Karl Rove's Mark Hanna typology.

--Supreme Court's ruling on the Cheney energy task force records, on Gitmo detainees and on the Pledge and one other issue TBD provoke high political consequences.

--A conservative publication writes the TRUE story about why Sandy Rios left CWA.

--Potential ballot initiatives to watch in battleground states: smoking in Washington State, Senate vacancies in Alaska, alternative energy in Colorado, parental notification and felon's rights in Florida, affirmative action in Michigan, gay rights in Kansas City, Missouri and Ohio.

--California judges decide the status of the state's marriage laws … .but some enterprising mayor or official somewhere decides to solemnize new ones.

--The Olympics … .do you believe in miracles? Yes!

--Kerry is caught by an open mic saying something that will actually be damaging.

--The FEC will create rules for the non-registered 527s, and whatever the results, Steve Rosenthal will still find a way to get out that vote.

--Bob Shrum and Harold Ickes will clash over message in ads, but through surrogates.

--MoveOn and the Media Fund will clash over message in Thursday conference calls.

--Corzine's DSCC scrapes together the cash from hopeful donors to create the illusion that the Senate is competitive for Democrats. Inez Tennenbaum still has her work cut out for her.

--Tom DeLay, Mark Halperin, and Michael Bloomberg will dine together convention week at Il Mulino and fight over who pays the check.

--Kevin Sheekey doesn't pay for a single meal between now and the day the convention starts.

--Traffic in Boston will be bad before, during, and after the convention, and forever there after.

--Ben Ginsberg and Bob Bauer will both become even more powerful and more famous than they are now.

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