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The New York Times' Andrews writes that Alan Greenspan is not worried about consumer debt and the large budget deficit. Greenspan's theory could be good for the Bush White House since it increases the chance that the Federal Reserve will keep short term interest rates low and stymie Democratic criticism over the budget. LINK

Big Casino budget politics: Medicare:

The Queen of the Medicare legislation, Ms. Vicki Kemper of the Los Angeles Times, writes up the political tempest caused by those "video news releases." LINK

"Three months after President Bush signed the Medicare reform bill into law, Monday's dispute highlighted the political battle Democrats and Republicans are waging over efforts to interpret the complex law for Medicare beneficiaries and American voters."

Note dish:

Seen by a wag: "Before Al Sharpton met John Kerry on Monday afternoon, the Reverend pulled up a char at Georgia Brown's for a late lunch. Sitting at the head of the table, positioned so he could look in the direction of Kerry's new office, Sharpton lunched with five others. An aide ordered fried chicken for Sharpton, who was shaking hands in the restaurant. No word on whether he took a to-go order of the tasty cobbler to his meeting with Kerry."

Just asking … .

Which presidential campaign manager known for his crisp suits and loud conference call voice is expected to appear on a panel with Joe Trippi this Friday at George Washington University? … .

Calendar …

March 25 … P. Diddy is exepcted (but not confirmed) to join POTUSses Clinton and Carter at the Drean nightclub in Washington for the Young Democrats United event called "Something New Part II." Star Jones, Q-Tip and DJ Biz Markie, along with Tracey and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds will host and emcee.

March 28 … . Josh King, the learned and versatile advance man for President Clinton, has written an episode of NBC's American Dreams. LINK

We are now self-referential:

The Googling monkeys were atwitter over the weekend when they read David Hochman's fine New York Times' look at how Google has changed our lives. LINK

Inspired by the article, the monkeys decided to, well, Google themselves. (Despite our skepticism, they insist they had never done so.) Now that they believe they're famous, expect to see them slyly insert random references and create their own blogs so they can overtake the Gang of 500 (current count: 104 to 222). They insisted on including some of their appearances:







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