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Michael Tackett of the Chicago Tribune Notes the sharp choices voters will face in November between two diametrically opposed candidates. LINK

Roll Call 's Cillizza and Kane report that "party strategists expressed a mixture of relief and trepidation Tuesday about [Kerry's] potential effect on Senate and House races around the country."

The Washington Post 's Howard Kurtz writes that "the pundits couldn't wait to hustle John Edwards off the stage." LINK

The Washington Post 's editorial board thinks that the primary system worked quite well for the Democratic Party. LINK

The New York Observer says Terry gets his day! And now it's all about the cash. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect: President Bush heads out to California as part of a six-day trip out of Washington, stopping first in Los Angeles today for a speech and fundraisers for the BC04 campaign and the RNC.

Los Angeles Times' Anderson and Chen look at the president's trip to the Sunshine State, where he is having little trouble raising money. LINK

President Bush will attend five fundraisers in six days, reports AP's Loven. LINK

"On the busiest primary day of the election year for the Democrats, Vice President Dick Cheney sat for three nationally televised cable interviews on Tuesday, an unusual schedule for an official who does not often take questions from national reporters," writes Michael Janofsky of the New York Times . LINK

The Vice President was pressed on the issue of gay marriage but did not say whether he personally supported the amendment endorsed by the president, saying "He makes the decisions. He sets policy for the administration. And I support him and the administration."

Mr. Cheney did address the questions about him remaining on the ticket in November and said there was "no doubt" in his mind it would still be a Bush-Cheney ticket.

The Washington Post 's Mike Allen reports that to mark the beginning of the campaign, the White House held an Oval Office session "designed to show Bush as eager to campaign and fight back against Kerry, and to portray the president as engaged in the issues of the day." LINK

The Washington Post 's Milbank and Wright suggest that in order for him to do well in the general election,"Bush needs to show by this fall that democracy is waxing in Iraq and violence is waning." LINK

The Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson looks at the financial advantage the Bush campaign has, sitting on a $100 million war chest.LINK

Today, Ed Gillespie will unveil the RNC's new 18-wheeler, "Reggie the Rig," that will travel across the country next week for voter registration drives.

Gillespie will speak to reporters and then give a tour of his new wheels.

(Note to Katie — and Blaise — thanks!!)

Will Jim Dyke pull an Ashton and don the trucker hat for an episode of MTV's "Pimp My Ride?"

Link for those not glued to the Real World on Super Tuesday at 10:00 pm ET: LINK

The show, which pledges to "blow your doors off when we show you how to transform your tired old hatchback into a full-fledged, fully-loaded pimp chariot," premieres on Thursday night — coincidence?

And so many suggestions for the Chairman's CB handle, we couldn't print them all — but thanks for playing and we hope that you will hear one of the following on the highway soon:

The Tusk (suggested by multiple readers)

GOPUS — GOP + US, pronounced go-pus

RuCUS — Republican Chairman of the US, pronounced ruckus

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