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Johnny Apple Notes from St. Louis that Missouri "has most of the pieces of the American puzzle" and that "whoever wins here can claim to have demonstrated the sort of broad appeal that any presidential candidate needs, and done so in a state that is certain to be a battleground this fall." (His lead, by the way: "Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts seems poised to win the bulk of Missouri's 74 delegates.") LINK

South Carolina:

The Los Angeles Times' Ron Brownstein reports that "Edwards' groundwork may be too much for a sprinting Kerry, who stayed away for months." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Scott Martelle writes up the ways in which Edwards has talked up the stakes of the South Carolina primary as both a proving ground in the primary and in a hypothetical match-up against President Bush. LINK

The State reports that South Carolina independents are scoffing at the idea of pledging themselves to the Democratic Party in order to vote in tomorrow's primary. The mandatory oath seems to be turning many independents away. LINK

The State writes of church stops and thunderous applause for the two candidates who stuck it out in South Carolina this weekend, Sen. Edwards and Rev. Sharpton. LINK

The Charleston Post and Courier says Sens. Edwards and Kerry are neck-and-neck in the Palmetto State and Notes Edwards' obvious presence on Super Bowl Sunday as well as Kerry's absence. LINK

The State writes how South Carolina voters are big campaign donors. However, most of those donations have gone to a candidate not on Tuesday's ballot: George W. Bush. LINK

Looking out for its readers, The State printed a voting tip sheet for those voting in tomorrow's primary. Tip #1: "Determine before arriving at the polling place which candidate you're are going to vote for." LINK

The Post and Courier reports that the women's vote is not easy to gauge . Many women are still holding out to hear more about employment, health care, and education. LINK

The AP details Sen. Edwards' progress in South Carolina, considering that "a lot of Howard Dean supporters are reconsidering and coming his way." LINK

Eric Dyer at the Greensboro News & Record Notes that "favorite son" status might not help John Edwards tomorrow, on the flip side, voters might resent the "piling on" nature of establishment support for Kerry. LINK


Patrick Jackson at the Wilmington News Journal reports that Gert Clark visited on Sunday, introduced at local events by Sen. Joe Biden a "close friend." LINK

Patrick Jackson also saw Joe Lieberman calling for "A New Destiny for America" while attending church in Delaware. LINK

New Mexico:

The Albuquerque Journal writes up its own poll with Kerry in the lead and optimism for Democrats come November. LINK

North Dakota:

Helmut Schmidt of the Fargo Forum reports on Kerry's Sunday speech in Fargo, Noting his attacks on the Bush presidency while refraining from mentioning his Democratic rivals. LINK

Lisa Davis of the Grand Forks Herald reports on the press and crowd at Kerry's rally. LINK

Janell Cole of the Fargo Forum reports on Kerry's Sunday meeting with the newspaper's editorial board, reiterating his stump positions on issues and claiming he does not have time to debate Dean before the Feb. 7 caucuses in Michigan and Washington. LINK

Janell Cole and Don Davis report that Clark's campaign signed an agreement with North Dakota's attorney general promising not to send prerecorded messages to North Dakotans. LINK

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