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Finally, Tzemach reports that the meeting that was scheduled to take place today in Detroit among Gov. Howard Dean and the presidents of the three major unions backing him is now O-F-F. Sources involved in the gathering say the meeting has been tentatively rescheduled for Saturday in Burlington. Stay tuned . . .

The Los Angeles Times' Gerstenzang writes up labor's second look at the Democratic nomination fight:

"With the Democratic Party speeding toward anointment of a nominee to oppose President Bush, some of the most powerful unions are again shopping for a favorite. And the remaining candidates are renewing their courtship." LINK

Lawrence M. O'Rourke at the Raleigh News Observer argues that this nomination season, Big Labor has been neither right nor powerful. LINK


The Boston Globe's Sanders previews Washington, Noting that "Kerry is picking up support, according to political strategists, and his record of environmental protection -- as well as his growing campaign bankrolls and his increasing momentum -- appear to be presenting a problem for Dean in the state as they have elsewhere." LINK

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer predicts "doom" for Dean if he loses in Washington state. LINK

But Rep. Kucinich is hopeful... LINK

Packed houses, but few problems, and many crossed fingers.... the state Democratic Party hopes for a smooth caucus in Washington state. LINK

The AP quotes Washington Democratic Chairman Paul Berendt predicting a Dean win. LINK


Johnny Apple thinks Edwards would have been well served had he campaigned strongly in Michigan instead of focusing on Tennessee and Virginia, which "should help him do well but would hardly burnish his national credentials." LINK

USA Today's Kiely writes that Kerry is expected to be the winner while the losers may include Michigan and industrial unions. LINK

The Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News write that Kerry is killing the competition in Michigan -- and, sadly for the local press, all the fun too. LINK and LINK

Great Lakes water diversion is an issue on Michigan voters' minds, and here's how the candidates addressed it (sort of). LINK

The Detroit News' Ryan has what's on the minds of black voters. LINK

The AP's Pickler writes about how no one is trying to foil Kerry this weekend, and Notes that Clark considered dropping out this past Tuesday. LINK

The Detroit Free Press offers a caucus primer. LINK

Feb. 10:

Dana Hull and Tim Funk of Knight Ridder Note Clark's and Edwards' attention to the South this next week as both candidates spend time in Tennessee and Virginia campaigning to pull in support. LINK

The Washington Post reports on the candidates' efforts in Virginia. LINK

The Richmond Times-Dispatch Notes the arrival of Sen. Edwards, Gen. Clark and Sen. Kerry to the Commonwealth. Edwards is introducing Virginians to his "Two Americas," Clark is beginning a bus tour (Note: and continuing to pay his Virginia-based staff), and Kerry is advertising in the expensive Northern Virginia market. LINK

The Tennessean looked at the campaign finance filings and discovered John Edwards raised the most campaign cash in 2003 from the state. LINK

South Carolina:

Henry Eichel at the Charlotte Observer sees the South Carolina Democrats cheering a record primary turnout of 280,000. LINK


Stuart Rothenberg, writing for Roll Call, sees the end of the primary season in sight: Kerry's Mo' is unbeatable.

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