The Note

TODAY SCHEDULE AS OF 9:00 am (all times ET):

—6:00 am: Polls open in Virginia —7:50 am: Sen. John Edwards visits a polling place at Fairlington Community Center, Arlington, Va. —8:00 am: Polls open in Tennessee —9:00 am: Off-camera press gaggle by White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan —9:00 am: Sen. John Kerry greets voters at a polling place with Rep. Harold Ford Jr., Memphis, Tenn. —9:30 am: Senate convenes for legislative business —10:00 am: Former chief weapons inspector in Iraq David Kay address the U.S. Institute of Peace, Washington, D.C. —10:15 am: Gov. Howard Dean tours and attends a town hall meeting at Superior Middle School, Superior, Wis. —10:35 am: President Bush meets with economic leaders, the White House —11:00 am: Gen. Wesley Clark attends a campaign event, Nashville, Tenn. —12:00 pm: Rep. Dennis Kucinich speaks to the press at the Nashville/Briley International Airport, Nashville, Tenn. —12:15 pm: On-camera press briefing by Press Secretary McClellan —12:20 pm: Rep. Kucinich stops at Jefferson Street United Merchant's Partnership, Nashville, Tenn. —12:30 pm: House of Representatives convenes for legislative business —1:00 pm: Politics Live on ABC News Live and AOL —1:00 pm: Rep. Kucinich visits J-J's Market & Cafe, Nashville, Tenn. —2:15 pm: Gov. Dean visits Longfellow Middle School, La Crosse, Wis. —4:30 pm: Sen. Kerry greets voters at Robinson High School, Fairfax, Va. —5:00 pm: Republican Caucus, Washington, D.C. —6:00 pm: Oklahoma State Democratic Party certifies the results of the Feb. 3 primary —6:30 pm: Rep. Kucinich visits the Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse, Atlanta, Ga. —6:45 pm: Gov. Dean attends a rally at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis. —7:00 pm: Polls close in Virginia —7:00 pm: Rep. Kucinich attends a rally at Georgia Tech College of Architecture, Atlanta, Ga. —7:00 pm: Gov. Dean attends a rally, Milwaukee, Wis. —7:00 pm: Gen. Clark attends an election night party at the Marriott Hotel, Memphis, Tenn. —7:10 pm: Vice President Cheney delivers remarks at the American Enterprise Institute Annual Dinner, Washington Hilton and Towers, Washington, D.C. —8:00 pm: Polls close in Tennessee —8:00 pm: Sen. Kerry attends an election night party at George Mason University, Fairfax, Va. —8:00 pm: Rep. Kucinich attends a concert fundraiser at Eddie's Attic, Decatur, Ga. —8:30 pm: Sen. Edwards attends an election night party at the American Serb Hall, Milwaukee, Wis.


The first version published of yesterday's Note included what was intended as a SATIRICAL report of a fictional ABC News/Washington Post poll. No such poll was conducted. The questions and results listed were not from a real poll.

But on this day when John Kerry has a chance for wins in Tennessee and/or Virginia that just might get the Southern monkey off of his back -- and take an opponent out of the race -- and after two full news cycles in which Kerry's transient upper hand over President Bush doesn't seem to have been removed by the "Meet" appearance -- on this day, let us tell you again what we tried to say yesterday.

Like every other institution, the Washington and political press corps operate with a good number of biases and predilections.

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