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It's the "Whomever-thinks-I'm-all-Southern charm-has-another-thing-coming" idea, which Edwards is happy to say to audiences in almost exactly in those words out on the trail. When he does, it packs a certain effectiveness that more often than not leaves audience raising their eyebrows and nodding their heads. The JJ version was slightly more subtle: "I've spent the last 20 years in courtrooms fighting for families and children, against big HMOs, insurance and drug companies and big corporate America, and their armies of lawyers. If you want to know how hard and tough I will fight for hard-working Americans, you go ask them."

Read more from the trail with Edwards on LINK


David Lightman of the Hartford Courant explores Joe Lieberman's efforts to reach the "ornery, independent" voters in the February 3 state of Oklahoma. LINK

(Note Note: We wonder how often Senator Lieberman is mistaken for Senator Lautenberg.)

AP's Liz Sidoti says "Lieberman's commercial is the first of the presidential campaign that singles out a Democratic rival — albeit without naming names." LINK

David Lightman says Lieberman hopes his association with John McCain "will sink into the New Hampshire voters' psyche" through Lieberman's new ad. LINK

Eric Slater of the Los Angeles Times also writes up the ad. LINK

The AP Notes that while Lieberman has picked up endorsements from many of McCain's New Hampshire supporters, McCain "recently was named co-chairman of Bush's re-election campaign in Arizona." LINK

The Union-Leader reports that 41 New Hampshire-based former McCain supporters are now endorsing Lieberman. LINK

AP reports that like McCain, Lieberman favors sending more troops to Iraq. LINK

From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

As if it weren't sealed tight, the Lieberman campaign has put another nail in the Iowa coffin. They quietly decided late last week that Senator Lieberman will not participate in the Nov. 24 debate in Des Moines.

In New Hampshire, where Lieberman is still competing, the word for the Lieberman campaign is McCain. Continuing his relentless pursuit the votes of the independent Granite Staters who backed the Arizona Senator in 2000, Lieberman announced on Sunday the endorsement of 41 "McCainiacs" who will serve on a McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman Steering Committee. Some of them showed up at different stops throughout the day.

Nearly every answer to every question asked of Lieberman Sunday yielded mention of his Arizona friend and colleague: McCain and I fought to protect the environment; McCain and I think the country should send more troops to Iraq; McCain and I support campaign finance reform.

McCain is also front and center in the new Lieberman campaign ad, but so is Howard Dean, though his name is never mentioned. Lieberman blasts Dean for using the "divisive symbol" of the Confederate flag and for opting out of the public finance system.

Read more from the trail with Lieberman on LINK


Even Canada's CBC is tracking's efforts at making a Kucinich love connection: LINK

The Washington Times ' John McCaslin also jumps on the Bachelor Bandwagon, but mistakenly claims Kucinich made the original comment to Fox News Channel (it was actually at the Planned Parenthood forum in Manchester): LINK

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