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From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

Well, it ain't AFSCME or the SEIU but he'll take it. The local Iowa UAW that is, who couldn't have timed it better, announcing Wednesday their endorsement of Congressman Gephardt and saving him from an all Dean day. The e-mailed press release, subject line in all caps, seemed to rub in their small victory saying the UAW is "endorsing Dick Gephardt over Howard Dean in the race for the Democratic nomination for president."

There was no rally and no fancy hotel extravaganza in Washington D.C.. Just a phone call from UAW executives telling Gephardt staffers their decision was made. The endorsement adds 36,000 more Gephardt foot soldiers in Iowa, bringing the total number of union members on his side to 95,000 in the Hawkeye State. That's more than double the number of SEIU and AFSCME members in Iowa. In a statement Gephardt said, "There is no union more politically active, more powerful and more important in Iowa than the UAW and I am thrilled to have their support."

Read more from the trail with Gephardt on LINK


From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

On day two of three without a public campaign event, Senator Edwards was in New York fitting in fundraisers and finishing up what the campaign unofficially tagged "Elite Week" — Edwards' tour of media duty. He hit The New York Times editorial board meeting, a lengthy network sit-down interview and even an honest-to-goodness "Let's do lunch" media lunch with a second network anchor.

The New York Times didn't come close to the giving Edwards the positive press the Post did after Edwards spoke to that paper on Monday, but Chuck Todd's column "WH 2004: Calling the (Football) Shots" in the National Journal is sure to have campaign staffers smiling. It might even earn a spot on the Media Wall back at campaign headquarters in Raleigh.

Todd looks for a viable anti-Dean candidate and finds his way to the "intriguing potential" of Edwards,

"The media love to create candidates, and Edwards is ripe for re-creation. All he has to do is finish third in Iowa and the media show is launched. Imagine this: Dean beats Gephardt in Iowa, Edwards edges past Kerry for third, and suddenly, there's a real race for second place in New Hampshire. The media coverage in Iowa will give Edwards a shot. . . . . It's a scenario that's more viable these days than, say, a two-loss Texas team somehow qualifying for a rematch with Oklahoma for the national title."

Read more from the trail with Edwards on LINK


David Corn deconstructs the various levels of frustration each candidate is facing, saying "The back-of-the-packers — Sharpton, former Senator Carol Moseley Braun and Rep. Dennis Kucinich — remain mired. Of the three, Kucinich has the most to be irritated about. Members of Congress tend not to fare well in presidential contests. But Kucinich is the progressive in Congress, a leader of the antiwar effort, foe of the PATRIOT Act, friend of labor, a no-apologies lefty … Yet Dean, not he, has been scoring with Democrats yearning for a kick-ass candidate." LINK

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel Kucinich raked in $60,000 at events over the weekend there. LINK

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