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Read more from the trail with Sharpton on LINK

Clark: Clark said Wednesday that even while he praised them, the Bush administration was failing America. LINK

Speaking Thursday at South Carolina State University, Clark offered up a four-prong strategy for exiting Iraq. LINK

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

General Clark is set to deliver a policy speech this afternoon in South Carolina outlining his plan to protect American troops and bring peace to Iraq. He appeared live today on "Good Morning America," to preview the address, in which he'll say in his speech that the reconstruction of Iraq should be turned over to a non-American.

ABC's Charlie Gibson asked, do you want Paul Bremer fired? "Yes," Clark said, "he should come home."

An excerpt from the speech: "Every American should understand: early exit means retreat or defeat. There can be neither. We need a 'Success Strategy' — for it is only success that can honor the sacrifice of so many American men and women; it is only success that will allow Iraq to stand on its own; and it is only success that will allow our soldiers to come home."

Clark outlines his four-point "Success Strategy":

1) End sole American responsibility for the country by, among other ideas, creating an Iraqi Reconstruction Council to replace the Coalition Revisional Authority.

2) Provide better border protection, more intelligence sources, formidable Iraqi security forces, and secure ammunition.

3) Give the Iraqis a stake in the country's success by transferring authority on an ongoing basis and by naming an interim Iraqi government with a written Constitution, written by Iraqis.

4) Creating a New Atlantic Charter to "reinvigorate our security partnership with Europe."

Read more from the trail with Clark on LINK

Edwards: Senator Edwards vowed to crackdown on predatory lenders and credit card companies yesterday, fine-tuning his economic plan specifically for the middle class. LINK

Edwards has spent about $1.5 million on ads in Iowa and New Hampshire. LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

Highway 93 North, then South, then North again. The Edwards' campaign's Real Solutions Express hit the dark and rainy New Hampshire highway Wednesday for the first four of 25 campaign stops over the next three days.

Edwards announced what his campaign billed as "major economic policy" on Wednesday morning, but the question foremost on everyone's mind was the Dean scrap at Tuesday evening's Rock the Vote.

Responding to Dean's mea sorta culpa, Edwards was quick to say he wished Dean had apologized earlier but it was time to move on.

By the evening's Planned Parenthood debate the tension was apparently gone as the two joked with one another side by side. They looked distinctly more cordial than they had minutes before standing in line backstage, in silence, waiting to be introduced.

The forum audience got a slightly wider glimpse into Edwards when he talked about his family. Asked what kind of father he is, Edwards' response was as sincerely loving as it was, and always will be, sincerely difficult.

The Edwards' oldest son, Wade, died in a car accident in 1996. Edwards rarely mentions or explains it, lest it seem in any way politically calculated.

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