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While his opponents "rocked the vote" in Beantown, it was business as usual for Congressman Gephardt who skipped the debate to attend an "important" union meeting in Des Moines and an evening campaign stop at the Uptown Cafe in Jefferson, Iowa.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Gephardt met with members of AFSCME, which reportedly will endorse some time in early December. Gephardt is pulling out all the stops to try and secure their backing. The union's officials have already met with three other top candidates and today was Gephardt's day, so the Rock the Vote debate was not in the cards.

In Jefferson, some people were actually surprised to see Gephardt at his own event. They knew they were attending a Gephardt meeting, but surely he must be in Boston with everyone else? When he walked in, there were a few confused faces. Without missing a beat, he launched into his typical campaign speech and barely mentioned the debate.

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From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

Knowing that Senator Lieberman is a die-hard Yankees fan, I asked him what he thought about John Kerry's statement that everyone should celebrate the victory of the Marlins in the World Series.

Lieberman laughed and said it was a "politicization of a great American pastime."

"You know, I always say that I'm going to say what I believe is right no matter whether it's politically popular in every crowd or not. So of course, I was rooting for the Yankees."

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In his online chat with and the Concord Monitor, Kucinich reveals that his favorite book is "Alice in Wonderland," which he's fond of referencing on the campaign trail, but doesn't completely answer whether he'd run against Ohio senator George Voinovich if his presidential bid fails, saying only that he's running for Congress and he expects to "take an oath of office at the Capitol in January of 2005." LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

For perhaps the first time in this campaign, Congressman Kucinich and General Clark were on exactly the same page: they, or at least their consultants, think that young voters really like black mock turtlenecks circa 1991.

When asked if he picked his outfit to attract young voters, Kucinich responded, "I'd just say I keep trying to clean up my act," and that he now knows what it feels like for women who show up to events in the same dress.

But despite several candidates' confrontation with Dean last night, the man with whom Kucinich had the most bitter words was not a fellow candidate on the stage, but a journalist in the spin room. Kucinich supporters, angry that their candidate had been cancelled by CNN's Paula Zahn show while five other candidates were interviewed, started insisting to Time columnist and CNN commentator Joe Klein that CNN interview Kucinich.

Klein pointed out that he wasn't a CNN producer and had no say in the matter, but went a step further to explain that were he to make the decision, which he does when it comes to his column, he would never dedicate space to Kucinich. Kucinich himself confronted Klein in front of reporters and the altercation became heated. Klein walked away as Kucinich was in mid-sentence.

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