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There were some rather Notable, rather biting additions to his stump directly addressing his criticisms of Howard Dean and Jesse Jackson, Jr.:

"That why they say to me 'Jesse's son wanna go with Dean.' Good. Let's look at Dean's record. I ain't gonna argue with Jesse's son. I'm running against Dean and since you brought up Dean and straight talk, let's look at his record."

"Dean said that affirmative action should have nothing to do with race. He said, 'no, I don't believe that no more.' Good. Well, when did you change your mind? I believe in conversions — I'm a preacher. But I wanna know where you was when you fell off the horse on the road to Damascus."

"They make an issue this week on whether or not Reverend Jackson or Reverend Sharpton gonna dominate. I'm not running against Reverend Jackson. They have these arguments about who gonna be the next black leader. Is it Jesse? Is it Al? We ain't never had one black leader. We had [Thurgood] Marshall in the courts, Adam [Clayton Powell] in the Congress, Malcolm [X] in the streets, Martin [L. King] in the South, NAACP in the courts, and Urban League in the corporate board room — all at the same time. But we can only listen to one Negro at a time?"

Moseley Braun:'s Neal answered a question on why Carol Moseley Braun, Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich are still in the race, "I would be surprised, for instance, if Braun — a one-term senator who lost her seat to an unknown novice politician and has raised virtually no money and is at 1 or 2 percent in key state polls — is really sitting around thinking about whether she'll be holding her first press conference in the Rose Garden or East Room of the White House next year." LINK

New Hampshire: The Manchester Union-Leader's ed board talks up the presidential primary's importance. LINK

And there is still radio silence from the New York Times . C'mon, Gail — defend thyself.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect: President Bush was in Ohio yesterday to speak to factory workers at a plant in Columbus and attend a $2,000-a-person fund-raiser that brought in $1.4 million for the re-election campaign. LINK

The president finished the day in San Antonio last night at an event with 700 supporters that raised $1.2 million. LINK

First lady Laura Bush attended a campaign event in Tyler, Texas last night and collected $275,000, bringing the one-day total for the campaign to over $3.3 million from four events (including Vice President Cheney's fund-raiser in Washington on Thursday night that raised $475,000).

The cash just keeps coming in to the Bush-Cheney re-election war chest, reports the Los Angeles Times' Ed Chen, and November could be a record-breaking month for the campaign's fund-raising, if it surpasses the $101 million mark it set in 2000. LINK

The Bush Administration is urging Congress to resolve the debate over ethanol taxes that is stalling the energy bill on Capitol Hill, the New York Times ' Hulse reports. LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

Congress considers giving an OK to importation of Canadian prescription drugs, reports The New York Times ' Pear, who writes the debate seems to be "shifting from the philosophical question of whether to allow more imports to the practical question of how to do so, in a way that minimizes the risks to public health." LINK

Bush Administration strategy/personality:

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