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"Perhaps no one benefited as much from the impeachment hearings as John Edwards." "Edwards entered the Senate in January 1999, at the bottom of the Senate's seniority rankings. Edwards was tapped to oversee the depositions of key witnesses: Lewinsky, Vernon Jordan and Sidney Blumenthal." The job laid the groundwork for his consideration as Gore's VP and his current bid for the White House. LINK

Kucinich: The Nation's Matt Taibbi sings Kucinich's praises in this week's issue, claiming he's the "only candidate who responds as an intellectually ambitious human being would to the problem of the presidency," while at the same time ripping Edwards to shreds as a too-tan, visionless "anti-Kucinich." Reminder that The Nation published Kucinich's new book: LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

Congressman Kucinich was in Washington Thursday, locked in his Rayburn office while the toy gun perpetrators were hunted down, but kept busy firing off missives to the Bush White House.

First, Kucinich released a statement bashing Bush's visit to his home state, saying "Ohio needs more than a politically expedient trip. We need jobs." But what about that growth spurt the economy is enjoying and its potential to take the air out of the Democrats' argument that the president is weak on the economy? Kucinich congressional chief of staff and spokesman Doug Gordon told ABC News, "The number one priority is jobs and it's still not clear that this growth will provide any sustainability … you need a long term plan and tax cuts to the wealthy is not a long term plan, nor is throwing $87 billion to Iraq. There are plenty of issues out here this president's weak on."

Sharpton: The New Haven Register focuses on Sharpton's 'continue the struggle' message and attributes his tardiness to traffic. (ABC News left the previous event at the same time and was there two hours before the Reverend!!). LINK

The AP leads with Sharpton's late-ness. The piece also notes the focus on civil rights, the mention of the Jesse, Sr. competition and the inclusion of Tawana Brawley — in the form of a Sharpton one-liner, of course. LINK

The best 'Sharpton in New Haven' wrap up--in the Hartford Courant. The article begins, 'He was nearly three hours late … ' LINK

Terry Neal in Talking Points Live suggests that Sharpton's attack of Dean will come back to bite him.

"And I think his characterization of Dean may reverse some of the good will he created among some voters who have been happily surprised (not so much that they planned on voting for him) by the largely positive way he has run his campaign." LINK

The Washington Post 's Kurtz on the "Negativity Game" translates Sharpton's attack of Dean.

"Any black leader who would endorse a white guy when he could endorse a black guy, namely Al Sharpton, is selling out the civil rights movement." LINK

From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

Punctuality is not Reverend Sharpton's forte.

By the time he arrived at the NAACP Connecticut State Convention, the people had been waiting more than two hours. Children were asleep on the pews. Two camera crews had gone home. The church choir had run out of hymns to sing and a couple of journalists were coming down with pneumonia.

As always, Reverend Sharpton offered no explanation but he made it up to the crowd with a rousing speech — heavy on civil rights — and had them on their feet chanting his name.

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