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President Bush returns to the White House today. We imagine he has a heap of expense reports to fill out after that trip. He heads to Camp David this afternoon.

The Democratic presidential candidates will get together on Sunday in Detroit for their fourth DNC-sanctioned debate.

This one is sponsored by Congressional Black Caucus Institute, who already sponsored a debate last month in Baltimore that wasn't DNC-approved. The venue is the historic Fox Theatre in downtown Motown.

The one and only Ms. Ifill will moderate the debate (broadcast exclusively on Fox News Channel) with Fox's Carl Cameron and Detroit Fox anchor Huel Perkins asking questions too. At last report, the format was still being discussed, but we hear it will be pretty straightforward.

Governor Dean calls in to the Mitch Albom radio show today. He campaigns in New Hampshire on Saturday and in Detroit on Sunday before the debate.

Senator Kerry is in New Hampshire today and tomorrow. He's in Detroit on Sunday.

General Clark is in Boston and New Hampshire today. He's in New Hampshire again tomorrow and in Detroit on Sunday.

Congressman Gephardt is in Iowa today and tomorrow. He campaigns in Detroit on Sunday before going to the debate.

Senator Lieberman is in D.C. today and tomorrow. He's in Detroit on Sunday.

Senator Edwards campaigns in Miami today. He's in South Carolina and Oklahoma on Saturday and in Detroit on Sunday for the debate.

Congressman Kucinich campaigns in New Hampshire today and tomorrow. He's in Detroit on Sunday for the debate.

Ambassador Moseley Braun has no public events today. She campaigns in Wisconsin and Illinois on Saturday and she'll be in Detroit on Sunday for the debate.

Reverend Sharpton has no public events today. He's in D.C. tomorrow and in Detroit on Sunday.

The politics of national security: It has not been Donald Rumsfeld's week for staying out of the news. As his State Department counterpart passes the plate in Spain and the National Security Adviser stands by the president in Asia, Rumsfeld stays stubbornly In the News.

From America's Paper to the Paper of Record, another DOD must-read.

The New York Times ' Jehl and Firestone report congressional Republicans are getting fed up with being ginned by Rummy's "high-handedness and lack of respect." LINK

Mark this sentence: "One senior Republican Congressional official said that he himself had concluded that Mr. Rumsfeld's approach was doing harm to the White House and that he had become "a millstone around the president's neck."

And this one: 'The worst thing that can happen in Washington is if you're a cabinet member, you think you're bigger than the president,'" says an unnamed Republican.

For his part, The Don goes on the offensive defending his memo to the Washington Times . Rumsfeld says he "intended to 'inject a sense of urgency' into top leadership" and that "a lack of cooperation among government agencies has made long-range strategic planning difficult." The Secretary also tells critics to quit their carping on post-war planning, "'There was a great deal of planning, and it was good planning,' he said, noting that a State Department official's assessment that planning was poor reflected a 'personal' complaint." LINK

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