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The Note isn't sure if any of you are as extreme college football fans as some of the Googling monkeys are (nothing to do with gambling) … .so we want to (cross-promotionally) share that on ESPN's College Gameday Saturday morning, the monkeys say they witnessed something they haven't seen before.

As some of you may know, ESPN does the show on the road outside on a college campus in front of a horde of hometown fans who hold up signs that say things like "Lee Corso is Mine," "Joe Pa is God," and "10:48 am and OSU still sucks."

Well, Saturday's show was in Madison, Wisconsin, for the Badgers and the Purdue Boilermakers, and there were a whole bunch of people in that sea of Badger red holding up little blue "Dean for America" signs that were well placed for several camera angles.

Those crazy college kids.


The New York Post 's Deborah Orin has reaction from the Dean and Kerry campaigns after a new tape emerged over the weekend showing General Clark praising President George W. Bush again, this time as recently as January 2002. LINK

Clark campaign spokesman Matt Bennet told ABC News that in the aftermath of the war in Afghanistan "everybody was saying good things about this administration. The country had come together like never before. Nobody who was a patriot was questioning the attack on Al Qaeda. This is just simply not surprising, definitely not for somebody who is a career military" man.

Newsweek's Mark Hosenball Notes that Clark's right-wing critics allege that he may have been involved in the planning of the final assault at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. Hosenball says Internet postings and a recent article in Insight Magazine claim that Clark, who was a senior Army commander at nearby Fort Hood during the operation, and his controversial involvement has led Bush's political base and some GOP activists to look at the issue. LINK

Lois Romano profiled Clark in Sunday's Washington Post , leaving the defining question of The General's career still unanswered: is he admirable or too headstrong? LINK

Romano interviews F.O.C's (Friends of Clark) who flip-flop on the issue. When faced with a similar question Clark did not make apologize to those who critiqued his rise to the top in the military and his ultimate push into retirement:

"In any organization, there are personality conflicts. The worst thing you want in the military is a guy who follows the gang, 'Hey, I'll just go along to get along.' I was never that kind of a leader."

And if you were wondering where Clark's been these past few days, Mary Jacoby, the traveling press secretary from that unforgettable first week of The General's campaign, goes back on the record in the Washington Post talking about his laryngitis. LINK

To prove the fact that politics and baseball go hand in hand, the Clark campaign posted the "Clark04 Baseball Challenge" on their Web site Saturday. The AP takes a look at this Internet fundraising strategy, inviting donors to make pledges to his campaign based on who they think will win the World Series. Before the Marlin's Game 1 win, the Fish led in the pledges total $1,500 to the Yankees $1,000. LINK

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

"While General Clark rested at home in Little Rock under doctor's orders during the past few days, The 'General's general' as he's nicknamed his wife, Gert Clark, was out and about Little Rock playing surrogate."

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