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Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—9:00 am: Senator Joe Lieberman hosts a pancake breakfast and makes remarks, Oklahoma City, Okla. —9:00 am: Senator John Edwards appears on "The Exchange" on New Hampshire public radio —9:10 am: Off-camera White House press gaggle with Scott McClellan —9:30 am: Senate convenes for morning business —9:30 am: Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun participates in a roundtable discussion at the East Bank Club, Chicago —10:30 am: Senator John Kerry makes remarks on health care for children, Nashua, N.H. —10:30 am: Senator Lieberman holds a town hall meeting with first responders, Oklahoma City, Okla. —11:00 am: President Bush participates in a photo-op with the 2003 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs, White House —11:30 am: Congressman Dennis Kucinich speaks at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Albuquerque, N.M. —12:00 pm: House convenes for a pro forma session —12:30 pm: On-camera White House press briefing with Scott McClellan —2:00 pm: General Wesley Clark delivers remarks on public service at Hunter College, New York City —3:15 pm: National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice briefs reporters on the President's trip to Asia and Australia, White House —8:00 pm: Senator Edwards holds a town hall meeting at Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H. —8:00 pm: General Clark attends a young Democrats fundraiser, New York City —8:00 pm: Reverend Al Sharpton attends a birthday campaign fundraiser at Jay-Z's 40/40, New York City —8:30 pm: Senator Kerry attends a private campaign fundraiser, Kansas City, Mo. —9:30 pm: Governor Howard Dean attends the Lee County Octoberfest, Montrose, Iowa


Between Al Franken; E.D., Steve, and Brian; Bernie Goldberg; Paul and James and Mary; American Journalism Review; Adam Levine; the Beltway Boys; Joe Lockhart; and Deborah Orin — between all of those folks, it's hard to know if the Chattering Class' press corps is too pro-Bush or too anti-Bush.

The Note tries so hard to be fair every day that it makes our teeth hurt, but, by regularly disregarding Thumper's Mother's Rule LINK, we set ourselves up for attacks from all sides.

Tomorrow, we'll give you the link to the site where you will be able to buy our new T-shirts (limited edition; only 800 made) that say "I'M THE FILTER," on the back and "Gang of 500" in small letters on the front pocket.

They come in three colors: peach, cherry, and wheat. (Or maybe that's "three flavors.")

They are going to be collectors' items at the White House, and our plan to generate PR is to give the first one to Ari Fleischer and leak that fact to Anne Schroeder, thereby knocking Clooney's sushi-eating-ways and "K Street" out of the lead-off "Names and Faces" spot, at least for a day. LINK

Today, we humbly offer America's political journalists the following mid-course (correction) reminders, knowing full well the effect this will have on our in-boxes — but we aren't afraid.

Let's all remember to:

1. Note when the president's poll numbers go up (since we go straight to chicken little mode when they go down). See Gallup today, which says "President Bush's job approval rating (is) running roughly five points higher than last month. Fifty-six percent now approve of the overall job he is doing." LINK (And/but there is a there's a fascinating ABC News/ Washington Post poll coming out tonight … )

2. Note when there is good economic news (since we act like we are in the Great Depression everytime a Subway closes).

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