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Rice said that Bush was right to go to war against Iraq: "Saddam Hussein is gone. He will never again use weapons of mass destruction for mass murder … The war on terror was greatly served." LINK

The Washington Post 's Dana Milbank looks at the PR campaign, which comes "at a time of slipping public enthusiasm for the operation and a controversy over the administration's leaking of an undercover CIA agent's name after her husband criticized Bush's Iraq policy."LINK

The Washington Post 's Jonathan Weisman and Anitha Reddy look at the impending debate over President Bush's $87 billion request for Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fight over who should get the money. LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

The OMB's Bolten talks lower deficits at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast:

"Our 2003 [deficit] number is going to come in lower than $455 billion. We are not going to announce an actual number until toward the end of the month, some time when all the calculations are in. But my expectation is that we will go below $400 billion as a result of both slower expenditures than were anticipated in July … and some modest good news in revenue collections, which seem to be firming." LINK

Politics: "Recall fever does not appear to be spreading, judging by the progress of an effort to remove Republican Gov. Kenny Guinn from office," the AP reports. LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer has the latest on the bug, the feds, the contracts, the airport, and the Mayor in Philly. LINK

The AP reports that redistricting rancor in Texas may finally be over, thanks to a compromise brokered in part by Congressman DeLay. LINK

Per the AP, "Two men suspected of kidnapping and robbing Kathleen Gregg, wife of Senator Judd Gregg, R-N.H., and forcing her at knifepoint to withdraw money from a bank were arrested in New Jersey early Thursday after a short chase, police said." LINK

Web site of the day:

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle launched his official campaign Web site yesterday. Nathan Daschle kindly sent The Note an e-mail guided tour — issues, younger voters, bio (complete with blog), voter registration, and of course, contributions:

"I'm Nathan Daschle. My dad, Tom Daschle invented the Internet. Okay, maybe he didn't 'invent' it, but he has launched one heckuva campaign website and as his only son, I thought I would offer Note readers my review of the site. Log onto You'll notice a few important things. First, two of the issues my Dad cares deeply about are expanding the agricultural economy for American farmers and improving health care. Visitors to his site can become Citizen Co-Sponsors of the Daschle Ethanol bill and take an on-line survey to share their health care concerns."

"Second, he is particularly interested in reaching out to younger voters whose futures are most affected by what happens inside the beltway. There's a special section devoted to younger voters called The Next Generation, Third, launch the photo gallery and you'll notice that he is wearing a red, plaid flannel shirt that should really be 'recalled.'"

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