The Note

Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

— 9:45 am: Off-camera White House press gaggle with Scott McClellan —11:00 am: Governor Bill Richardson speaks at a youth political rally at Bunker Hill Community College, Boston

— 12:30 pm: On-camera White House press briefing with Scott McClellan

— 1:30 pm: Senator John Edwards has lunch with Scott County Democrats, Davenport, Iowa

— 1:35 pm: General Wesley Clark visits a school for homeless children, Phoenix

— 2:00 pm: Senator Joe Lieberman visits an adult English as a second language class, Phoenix

— 2:45 pm: Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun makes remarks at Parker High School, Birmingham, Ala.

— 3:00 pm: President Bush makes remarks on domestic violence prevention and signs a Proclamation for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, White House

— 3:00 pm: Senator John Kerry attends a private campaign fundraiser, San Francisco

— 3:30 pm: Senator Lieberman attends a luncheon with veterans, seniors and local leaders, Phoenix

— 4:00 pm: Ambassador Moseley Braun speaks at a voter registration drive at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, Ala.

— 4:30 pm: Senator Edwards has coffee with Democratic activists, Fort Madison, Iowa

— 5:00 pm: Senator Lieberman speaks to the Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona, Phoenix

— 5:00 pm: Senator Kerry meets with the International Association of Fire Fighters, San Francisco

— 5:45 pm: Senator Edwards attends a community gathering, Keokuk, Iowa

— 6:00 pm: Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger announces Congressman David Dreier as the head of his transition team, Los Angeles

— 6:30 pm: Senator Lieberman makes remarks to an interfaith group, Phoenix

— 7:00 pm: President and Mrs. Bush attend the 2003 Republican National Committee Presidential Gala at the Washington Hilton Hotel, D.C.

— 8:00 pm: Senator Edwards meets with Davis County Democrats, Bloomfield, Iowa

— 10:00 pm: Senator Kerry attends an event with Arizona fire fighters, Tucson, Ariz


What matters now:

If David Broder is up to competing against Mary Hart and Finnish TV covering this winter's National Governors Association meeting.

Todd Harris' bachelor party.

Pete Wilson.

Joe Wilson.

Rice v. Rummy LINK, the economy, Bonjean's jobs jobs jobs mantra, and Cabinet surrogates.

The continuing inability of all the Democratic presidential candidates to impress Ed Gillespie with an optimistic message of hope, growth, and opportunity (or, even, of opportunity, responsibility, and community).

$200 million and whether Howard Dean busts the caps.

If the Los Angeles Times is still allowed Capitol credentials.

Next week's presidential trip to California.

The drive time from Hoover to Sacramento (and the flight time from SFO to LAX, to meet with the governor-elect where he will actually be..).

Whether Governor Schwarzenegger sides with Tommy Thompson or Bill Thomas on dual eligibles. LINK

If Tucker Eskew can sell Iraq success through and around The Filter (that's us!) at least as well as Mindy Tucker sells the new GOP and Carter Eskew sells..everything. LINK

What Scott McClellan meant when he said it is "absurd to suggest that this White House would seek to punish someone for speaking out with a different view."

If the breathless political press corps and caffeinated morning show producers can realize that the vast disorganization and growing pains in the Clark campaign are scarcely revealed -- with all due respect -- by the departure of Californian Donnie Fowler.

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