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-- the Arthur 'n' Andy poll showing what the other public ones have suggested lately about the president's political health. LINK


-- on how big a star Bobby Jindal could become in the national Republican Party, starting tomorrow.


-- to see if General Clark tells the DNC meeting that he represents the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.


-- the bouncing ball of Bob Graham's status as one of the Ten Little Indians (and Note our being the first to use that!).


-- if you work in the White House for some new bylines to show up on the Wilson story perhaps quite soon.


-- happy birthday to two of the smartest political minds we have ever had the pleasure to know: Nancy Gabriner and Al Sharpton.

President Bush travels to Milwaukee today to give a speech on the economy and attend a Bush-Cheney 2004 luncheon fundraiser. He and Mrs. Bush will be back in D.C. tonight to attend the 2003 National Book Festival Gala.

The president stopped to talk about a variety of matters on departure, and we were shocked to see he didn't hit harder on the economy, given this …

ABC News' Schindelheim reports:

-- The economy added 57,000 jobs last month, according to a report this morning by the Labor Department. This is the FIRST gain after SEVEN months of losses.

-- On the downside, manufacturing shed 29,000 jobs.

-- The unemployment rate remains at 6.1%.

Democratic candidates ware sure to talk about all this at the DNC cattle call over the next two days, but can Fournier cover it all alone while other national reporters focus more on Golden stuff?

It's day two of the DNC's fall meeting in D.C. today. (And doesn't it seem like so long ago when the candidates got together for that Children's Defense Fund candidate forum at the Wardman?)

This morning, The Macker, Senator Daschle, Congresswoman Pelosi, and Congressman Menendez will address the general session of the meeting.

After they speak, the first block of presidential hopefuls will address the meeting individually beginning at 10:30 am ET. The order is: Dean, Lieberman, Clark, Kucinich, Moseley Braun, and Kerry. On Saturday, the order is: Sharpton, Edwards, Graham, and Gephardt.

Senator Graham has a fundraiser scheduled for tonight in West Palm Beach, Fla. He's supposed to be in D.C. tomorrow to address the DNC.

We find the political press' obsession with asking candidates who MIGHT drop out of the race nothing BUT "when are you dropping out?" to be depressing and unnecessary — but the death watch is on big time.

The Senator seems to have told some people who was getting out of the race — or at least some people say that. Perhaps he changed his mind.

But, Senator, if we run into you, will ask about your ideas for health care and the economy, and if you have something to tell us about the "future" of your campaign, you'll let us know.

Governor Dean kicks off his "Generation Dean" tour today in D.C. He'll hold a rally, address the DNC, speak at Howard University, and then travel to Charleston, S.C., for a rally, town hall meeting, and reception. He's in Oklahoma on Saturday and Seattle on Sunday.

General Clark will speak to the DNC and also will address the 2nd Annual Military Reporters and Editors Convention with a speech on national security in Crystal City, Va. He'll be in Arizona tomorrow.

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