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Look for Monday's National Press Club gathering of "labor officials, political leaders and community groups" to officially announce the formation of Voices for Working Families.

This "nonprofit, nonpartisan" 527 (*not to be confused with any of the other sprouting 527s with the words "working" or "families" in them) is designed to "perform aggressive Election 2004 activities in 16 Battleground states" and aims to concentrate on minority and female outreach.

We are told ticketholders should expect to see:

AFSCME's Gerald McEntee, Chairman of Voices for Working Families

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Vice President of Voices for Working Families and head of his own 527, Moving America Forward

AFL-CIO's John Sweeney

NAACP's Myrlie Evers

AFL-CIO's Linda Chavez Thompson


In remarks prepared for delivery Friday to a group of military reporters and editors, Clark will say that the administration's handling of foreign policy has "put Americans in danger and may be criminal," the AP's Nedra Pickler reports. LINK

The AP reports that Clark's lack of a party affiliation is typical in Arkansas. LINK

"But Clark is no longer a typical voter. He is one of 10 Democrats seeking the party's presidential nomination and his lack of political affiliation is proving somewhat embarrassing as he fends off rivals who question his Democratic credentials."

The Macker on CNN yesterday said he and The General would fix this matter together.

Business Week's Gleckman and Magnusson report Clark's advisers are "scurrying to create an economic agenda" and Note this agenda looks a whole lot like Bill Clinton's. Perhaps because of personnel?

Write the two, Clark "has been getting much of his advice from Clinton Administration veterans, including former Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin, ex-National Economic Council head Gene Sperling, and former Council of Economic Advisers Chair Laura D'Andrea Tyson."

The Wall Street Journal 's Carla Anne Robbins writes an interesting narrative of The General's political canniness as seen through the prism of his tenure as NATO commander in Kosovo.

"As Gen. Clark makes a bid for the presidency based in good part on his dazzling military credentials, those two events provide intriguing clues about the man. He can be a forceful, even brilliant leader. But his brashness and overt ambition also have made him a lot of powerful enemies, as well as powerful friends."

Not that we haven't read that before. But after going through all the quotes about Clark's brilliance as a commander, it also reiterates how Clark views Iraq as compared with Kosovo.


Minnesota DFL leaders met at the State Capitol on Thursday to endorse Dean. LINK

The Norman Transcript reports that Dean's "Raise the Roots" tour is coming to Oklahoma. LINK

The AP has a photo of Dean looking over Lake Champlain as he talks with CBS' Dan Rather. LINK


The AP's Libby Quaid profiles Gephardt's long march from his days as a "Young Turk" to his second run for the White House. LINK


The Boston Globe 's Raja Mishra writes, "[Lieberman] casts himself as the candidate representing America's vast political center, resting his presidential hopes beyond Iowa and New Hampshire, and on Feb. 3 primaries in seven other states that the Connecticut senator insists will warm to his moderate positions." LINK

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