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"But reaction to his prowar, pro-free trade, and socially moderate views in South Carolina, Arizona, Delaware, and four other states has been frosty at best. Fame from his 2000 vice presidential bid put Lieberman out front in early national polls, but that edge apparently has since evaporated, leaving him stuck in the Democratic pack or sinking in the very localities and precincts on which he has staked his candidacy."


Next week is "Work week" on the Edwards campaign, a celebration … um … attempt to highlight the very painful loss of millions of jobs lost under the Bush Administration. Every day Edwards will discuss "a different facet of the Bush recession," kind of like Hanukkah. As his gift to the people, Edwards has pledged to create five million jobs in his first two years in office. LINK


From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

"Today, Reverend Al Sharpton turns 49."

"But if his mood last night at his birthday celebration at Bethany Baptist church is any indication, it won't be a 'happy' birthday because last night Sharpton was mad — really, really mad."

"He delivered a short speech, with a little politicking and a minute of preaching — but the majority of rather harsh words were directed at the media. The most shocking statement of the night came right at the top when Sharpton addressed his campaign shake-up and said he 'smells a rat.' He says there has been 'sabotage from the inside and lie[s] on the outside.'"

"'I know when I'm being set-up, sabotaged, they ain't got to say it. But y'all gonna see in the next few days why I did what I did, 'cause I can smell a rat before I can find it. I grew up in the projects."'

"It didn't stop there. As Sharpton was preparing to ask for donations — which he made very clear was his 'birthday money,' not campaign funds, he went at it again. (Presumably, Sharpton knows of some "dirt" that is about to come out — and most likely from one of the recently departed campaign staffers.)"

"'In these devious times, with the kind of back-stabbing and the kind of pain you have to bare, it means a lot when you can come home and just friends say happy birthday. I'll be more clear in the next day or two on some of the stuff. Now, I'll let everybody say what they got to say and then I'm gonna talk.'"

"Sharpton then criticized the media for blaming him for the campaign's lack of structure saying, 'Well maybe that's why I switched [campaign staffers]. They didn't build no structure.'"

"The church-goers who came last night anticipating one of Sharpton's fireball sermons, left disappointed (and probably quite surprised). Nearly 300 people had packed into the Brooklyn church where Reverend Sharpton was ordained as a minister at age 9. People were lined up around the corner an hour and a half before it started."

"And by the way, the performance by Chicago gospel singer Angela Spivey was fabulous."

New Hampshire:

Sam Youngman of writes up New Hampshire TV spending under the header: "Edwards still spending the most on T.V., Dean takes September off air." LINK


The AP writes up the "perks" Democrats who raise $100,000 for their party will receive at next year's national convention. LINK


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