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"Campaign sources have said that Sharpton has micro-managed the campaign. Watkins was often kept out of the loop with the schedule and other goings-on. He would go days without speaking to the candidate. And he was unable to get into Pace University last week for the debate. Apparently, there was a 'ticketing problem.' Most definitely, there was a breakdown in the lines of communication. I asked Watkins in early September to compare the Sharpton campaign with Jackson's. He laughed and said, 'No comment.'"

"Aides to the campaign have said that Kevin Gray, Sharpton's South Carolina state coordinator, has also resigned. South Carolina is by far Sharpton's strongest and most organized state. Gray is very well known throughout the state and has produced great turnouts at most events he has organized. Gray, a self-proclaimed 'movement man' was disgruntled according to a campaign official. Gray was unavailable for comment."

"Sharpton said in a statement released Monday, 'I have nothing but the highest regard for Frank Watkins and will always refer to him as Uncle Frank and look forward to his sage advice over the course of this campaign. Now we move forward to the primaries and the quest for delegates.'"

"Very soon, Watkins plans to return to his job in the press office for Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.)."

"The new campaign manager, Charles Halloran, most recently worked on the Premier's race in Bermuda and was Tom Golisano's campaign manager in the New York governor's race in 2002. The Sharpton campaign's Monday press release said this:"

"'Charles Halloran, an attorney from Lexington KY who has lived in the Washington DC area since 1992, traveled the country with then Governor Bill Clinton in his successful bid the White House in 1992. He started his political work at age 19 as a traveling aide for then Vice President Walter Mondale. He has also served as a fundraiser and political operative for various candidates and the Democratic National Committee at different times over the last 24 years. Halloran has a dearth of experience managing statewide and targeted races in Georgia, Kentucky, and New York, and most recently Bermuda. In addition to reorganizing the campaign, Halloran will manage the day-to-day operations while building political support for Sharpton and driving national fundraising.'"

The New York Times on Sharpton's staff shake-up and the "deepening rift" between the Sharpton and Jackson camps, with a quote from the candidate saying that "the campaign that we desire and the strategy that we desire is on target and on time and is exactly the way we laid it out." LINK

The New York Times ' Slackman reports that some within the campaign may have begun to doubt Reverend Sharpton's intentions.

In Yesterday's Hartford Courant, Kevin Canfield explores why "sure losers" run anyway. LINK

California recall, Arnold:

ABC News' Schifrin reports: "The latest Schwarzenegger ad is his second to last, says Don Sipple, senior media consultant for the Schwarzenegger campaign. The campaign is spending between $2.5 and $3 million on ads this week alone, bringing the total dollars spent for advertising (in about 6 weeks) to a whopping $12 million."

The Chronicle's Marinucci reports that the religious right thinks Schwarzenegger is just as bad as Davis. LINK>

Reuters reports that Shriver said yesterday "she will go back to work as a TV journalist for NBC come victory or defeat." LINK

More from Schifrin:

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