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Senator Edwards took a shot at Clark's involvement with database management company Acxiom Corp. yesterday on Fox News Sunday, saying his work with them shows a possible disregard for people's privacy rights.

Axicom and JetBlue Airways are under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission based on a complaint that they "improperly shared information about passengers with a company working for the Defense Department."

The nature of Clark's business dealings are sure to get more scrutiny in the days ahead, but it's important to remember that one person's sleazy lobbying is a wire service's "business success." LINK

Saturday, the Washington Post had a story on Clark's work for Axicom. LINK

Edwards is tough on this. LINK

Dean versus Clark on Democratic bona fides:

The AP also reports that Dean "took aim Sunday" at Clark by "questioning his credentials as a Democrat." LINK

(Dean) "called Clark's campaign a desperate move by inside-the-beltway politicians to stop the former Vermont governor's unexpected role as front-runner. 'Now that their candidates are not doing so well, they've gone out and found another one,' said Dean."

Clark's spokespeople versus Clark's spokespeople on criticizing other candidates:

Both Mark Fabiani and Kym Spell had awesome Lehanian "let's hope voters and reporters have attention spans so short they can't connect the beginning of the sentence with the end" quotes:

The AP says, "Clark spokesman Mark Fabiani answered back: 'I think Senator Lieberman is an increasingly desperate candidate and it's unfortunate that instead of articulating a vision for the future as General Clark has with his "New American Patriotism," Senator Lieberman is attacking other Democrats.'" LINK

"'Senator Edwards's year-old campaign has barely registered on polls, so we understand his frustration, but we do not see any value in criticizing other Democrats,' said Kym Spell, a spokeswoman," says the New York Times .

To the Raleigh paper's Wagner, she even called the candidate, for whom she used to work, "John." LINK

And Mr. Fabiani, who apparently worked on the Gore-Lieberman campaign, wants the world to know that he says he has received numerous e-mails from alums of that campaign wondering why Joltin' Joe didn't show this fighting spirit when he was dealing with that complex military ballots questions.

Over to you, Jano.

District of Columbia:

Washington's plan to have a delegate-less primary in January before Iowa and New Hampshire is a fabulous idea that many of the presidential campaigns have gotten excited about, ensuring that the diversity and dynamism of the District's wonderful citizens and vibrant Democratic Party will be at the center of everything important and good for the foreseeable future in American life.

How's that?

The Washington Post 's Monte Reel and Hamil Harris report that both Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton visited local churches in an attempt to secure the African-American vote in the January 13 nonbiding Washington, D.C. primary. LINK

Still, it's Dean that's getting the endorsements from community and African-American leaders.


Wow, Clark's getting some boffo coverage, wowing crowds and maybe converting some Dean voters. LINK and LINK

Will she or won't she? The she: Rosa DeLauro The it: A big ole leap from La Vida Lieberman to Camp Clark.

The clue?: A Tuesday night dinner the Nutmeg State Congresswoman is hosting for The General. LINK

What do Stan and Rahm think about this?

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