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This creates a Lehane-as-Macauley-Culkin situation, as he tries to learn how to walk the dog, open soup cans, and open the car door, all without assistance.

Note to Andrea: Doe's chicken sandwiches (available at lunch only) with the spicy cheese; Community Bakery; and any dinner invitation you get from someone who lives in The Heights. That's pretty much all you need to know.


The New York Post 's Deborah Orin reports that Howard Dean "blasted" Wesley Clark on Sunday as a "Republican until 25 days ago" who has become the 'desperation" candidate for establishment Democrats. LINK

In an interview with the Associated Press, Howard Dean said he would like to balance the budget in his first term even if it means limiting spending on domestic programs dear to Democrats. LINK

But Dean said "he might have to keep the budget in the red beyond four years to fund his plan for mass transit, renewable energy, road construction, broadband telecommunications and school building."

"'I am determined to get rid of the deficit,' Dean said in an hourlong interview with reporters and editors from The Associated Press. Later he added, 'I am willing to run a deficit longer than I'd like to in order to create jobs.'"

Deanie babies from the Lone Star state flew to New Hampshire and Iowa over the weekend to go door-to-door for Dean. LINK

The New Hampshire Sunday News questions the impact Jeanne Shaheen will have on Kerry's campaign. LINK

"Despite her skills, Shaheen's impact on Kerry's campaign could be negative in New Hampshire. Shaheen is an establishment Democrat, so she is not likely to bring along large numbers of the young, angry Democrats who are drawn to Dean. During her Senate campaign last fall she vocally supported President Bush's tax cuts and his leadership in the war on terror. The last thing Kerry needs in New Hampshire is to turn off liberal voters by making himself look more moderate. By adding Shaheen to his team he risks doing just that."

From ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

"At a senior center in Dubuque, Howard Dean proposed a 'new partnership' between government and care providers to improve long-term care for the elderly, just as the advanced to a new marker."

"Dean's proximate and ultimate audience was Iowa seniors, who have heard for weeks Congressman Dick Gephardt's charge that Dean once favored deep reductions in Medicare."

"The speech and its timing were broadly directed to answer Gephardt's salvos by re-emphasizing his commitment to federally-managed long-term care for older Americans."

"Outside the Dubuque senior center where Dean spoke, a half dozen staffers for Gephardt handed out a packet of mimeographed quotations and transcripts aimed at convincing a reader that Dean was no friend of the federal health care program for the elderly and repeatedly disparaged it in the 1990s."

"The newest wrinkle: that Dean allegedly refused to admit he sided against Democrats and with Newt Gingrich in 1995 when the then speaker-of-the-house was leading the fight to slow Medicare's growth rate."

"Sunday morning, Dean told CBS's Bob Schieffer that 'what I supported was what Bill Clinton signed which saved $200 billion dollars out of Medicare … .Bill Clinton signed the bill and Medicare is still solvent because of that.'"

"Countered Gephardt spokesman Bill Burton, 'Bill Clinton didn't support the cuts in 1995.' And Dean was on record then as speaking favorably about slowing the program's rate of growth."

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