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"Then he aimed squarely at his primary target, 'Governor Dean has said repeatedly that America should not trade with countries that haven't reached our own environmental and labor standards … the unfortunate thing is that Howard Dean knows what he's proposing is just not possible and would send our economy into a tailspin … anger and attacks are all well and good, but when it comes to our jobs we need a president who can build a barn and not just kick it in.'"

"That, by Kerry's seeming estimation, leaves only the newly arrived Clark."

"It seems at this point the Kerry camp has decided to lump Clark in with the rest of a crowded field and, only if necessary, point out that 'anything he has done, I have done better.' His tone on Clark has so far been one of almost nonchalance, dismissing him as a media upstart whose star will soon fade."

"At the aforementioned pre-speech rally, Kerry took a glancing shot at Clark, 'I think this campaign is poised to move now. The press has been sort of having fun with these recent entries (but) the question remains: who's ready to be president today?'"

"For now, like the 'D' word once was, Clark is the name that shall not be spoken. That is, of course, until the candidate decides he's become the biggest of the 'Big Three.'"


The Boston Herald's Ellen Silberman writes, "Dean today will use Boston's history of rebellion and grassroots politics to hammer home the themes of his insurgent presidential campaign, aides and supporters said yesterday." LINK

And, in case you were wondering, "Dean is not expected to swipe at rival [Kerry], who lives less than two miles from the rally site."

The Boston Globe 's Sarah Schweitzer reports, "Dean has written a letter to the head of the Anti-Defamation League, seeking to clarify his views on the Middle East after being criticized for saying the United States should be evenhanded in the region." LINK

Per the AP's Will Lester, Howard Dean will say in Copley Square later today that "his campaign is not about who will be the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, but who will protect democracy and the nation's ideals from the Bush administration." LINK

Another flip flop? That's what Benander is calling it. LINK

When the Kerry campaign recently learned that Dean was holding a rally in Kerry's hometown of Boston, they brushed back its significance by labeling Dean a Yankees fan.

"Not so, said the New York-born Dean, who argued that he dumped the Yankees for the Boston Red Sox three years ago."

Kerry spokeswoman Kelley Benander shot back: "'Of all the flip flops, this is the most inexplicable and indefensible … . It's like switching from the Redskins to the Cowboys or from Carolina to Duke.'"


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Deirdre Shesgreen reports that Gephardt "promised Monday to revamp farm subsidies and crack down on agribusiness monopolies, in a speech designed to bolster his campaign among Iowa farmers." LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Lynn Okamoto reports that Gephardt "brought his microphone and teleprompters to a farm here Monday and offered several proposals favoring family farms." LINK

"Dick Gephardt picked up his 13th union endorsement on Monday, but is still less than halfway toward his goal of gaining a coveted labor-wide endorsement from the AFL-CIO," the AP reports. LINK


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