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"Lest you think the Dean blogosphere is an amen corner for the candidate, get a load of this posted comment, from a 'DISGUSTED with Dean' 'demwarrior' who claims to have twice donated to Dean campaign, but who is uncomfortable with the focus on money:"

"'So, Gov. Dean, where's the bat for the homeless? Where's the bat for the soup kitchens? Where's the bat for AIDS patients? Where's the bat for battered women's shelters?'"

"'No — the only bat that's important is the one Dean will need to produce an embarrassment of riches and outspend his Democratic primary opponents 2 or 3 times over. Welcome to the new politics, everyone!'"

"Dean supporter Cavegal, who helps with DeanCorps projects in Austin, Texas, tries to set DIGUSTED straight in a later post:"

"'Now Disgusted I have a question for you:'"


"'What have you done as an individual in the past week to answer all of your own questions?'"

More from Ambinder:

"The Dean campaign may choose simply not respond to Gephardt campaign manager Steve Murphy's latest fundraising broadside, which weaves the question 'Where was Howard Dean?' through a chronology of major Democratic battles in the 1990s."

"'I don't know about you, but I've had enough. Howard Dean still insists that he's the candidate from 'the Democratic wing of the Democratic party,'" Murphy writes. "Well, where was Howard Dean when we needed him?'"

"Murphy's specific charges aren't new, and the Dean campaign has reams at the ready to try and reftute them, but they may hold their fire."

"'These are the types of tactics that turn people off from politics,' Dean's deputy communications director, Courtney O'Donnell, said last night."

"This week and early next week, as attacks on Dean may escalate from many corners (from Gephardt, Lieberman, Kerry, Clark on the war, others), look for the Dean campaign to sit back and focus on their bat challenge and their volunteers; their world-record setting conference call;"

"The campaign doesn't want to be drawn into a tit-for-tat fight when two important goals: reaching 450,000 volunteers by 9/30 and raising $5 million from the web -- are at stake. On Tuesday, Dean hopes to fill Copley Square in Boston to capstone the campaign's message of the month."

"Using Boston-ish historical analogies (ABC News has seen a draft of part of the speech), Dean will say the nation is at a pivot point and that the upcoming election will determine its direction, and that by joining the Dean movement, Democrats and voters can take their country back from special interests. You've heard the theme before, but the rhetoric and tone will be slightly different."

"The Emmy audience had a very big laugh at Howard Dean's expense last night, as the governor's occasionally odd smile (one lip raises, teeth flair, then the mouth relaxes), caught in a Larry King interview, became fodder for a Jon Stewart line. But you just know that it'll move that bat up in some ungainly way, too."

Saturday night (live) with Howard Dean:

The Note hereby predicts that Howard Dean will guest host or play a major role on an episode of "Saturday Night Live" well before the Iowa caucuses.

And this prediction is based on no reporting whatsoever, but, rather, The Doctor's great facility with "talent," which he displayed Saturday night (well after most paper's deadlines) in Manhattan, about 30 blocks away from 30 Rock.

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