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"Al Gore may have invented the Internet, but Arnold Schwarzenegger invented the Hummer — LINK --the civilian version, anyway. Or so he said on Fox's 'The O'Reilly Factor.'"

"'I'm very proud of the Hummer, because I created that industry. I went to the Hummer factory and said we should make this Hummer not only a military car but a civilian car. [Emph. added]'"

"Egomania aside, I actually think Schwarzenegger may be telling the truth about this. P.S.: Schwarzenegger quickly added "Now we have to find ways how to create alternative, you know, fuel for them."

The Los Angeles Times' Steve Lopez ripped Schwarzenegger for the "take home" debate yesterday. LINK

"Arnold El Guapo?" We gotta ask Sean Walsh about this one … LINK

Critics see Mr. Universe as a lightweight, The Washington Times reports. LINK

California recall, the governor:

Watershed for immigrants' rights or pandering? Governor Davis signed legislation granting illegal immigrants the right to get driver's licenses in California. Now he's mulling bills that could give them free community college tuition and make local governments recognize Mexican government IDs. LINK

California recall, the GOP:

Mark Z. Barabak and former ABC News' desk assistant Michael Finnegan delivered a McClintock v. Schwarzenegger Saturday Los Angeles Times story looking ahead to Thursday's gathering of Republican County Chairmen in Sacramento. LINK

"As the campaigns traded barbs, the upcoming meeting of Republican county leaders added to the friction."

"Party bylaws forbade a candidate endorsement at last weekend's state GOP gathering in Los Angeles. But there was strong sentiment among some party leaders to back the movie star as the GOP's best hope of uniting behind a single candidate to replace Gov. Gray Davis, if he is recalled."

"Next week's endorsement session, scheduled for Thursday in Sacramento, was called at the request of 10 members of the California Republican County Chairmen's Assn. Schwarzenegger met privately with the group at the convention and lobbied its members for support."

"A resolution, to be introduced by Riverside County Republican Chairman Kevin Jeffries, says the party must unite behind one candidate."

California recall, the rest of the field:

The Los Angeles Times' Allison Hoffman and Joel Rubin give some column inches to the lesser-known candidates LINK

The politics of national security:

David Sanger in the New York Times says POTUS at the U.N. is going to be no retreat, baby, no surrender on Iraq. LINK

Keying off of the Brit Hume interview, the New York Post reports that President Bush plans to "stick to his guns" at the UN. LINK

And the New York Times ' Shanker says the Bush administration will accentuate the positive this week when its all-star line-up of Rumsfeld, Bremer, Wolfowitz and Abizaid pass the plate before Congress. LINK

On "Good Morning America" this ayem, Bremer said, "I think this $87 billion, a lot for the military and economic reconstruction, will put Iraq on the path to stability and to a stable democracy, which is the president's vision"

We especially like this line from Sec. Wolfowitz at his appearance in Greenwich Village, only blocks away from our favorite dog run (LINK). "First of all, being wrong in this business does not mean messing up." LINK

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