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Kym Spell, your press secretary told that woman who is following you around most everywhere, ABC News' Clark reporter Deborah Apton, that she knew about these statements by General Clark and that they reinforce The General's explanation that he gave to reporters like Adam Nagourney on the 90-minute flight last Thursday.

Just a reminder: last Thursday he said he probably would have voted for" the Congressional resolution authorizing Bush to invade Iraq," only to flip flop Friday saying, "I would never have voted for war."

We're confused ourselves here: where do you stand on the resolution, and would a(nother) interview with Mike Glover be helpful?

And paging Dr. Dean and Senator Kerry.

All this has gotten so far is a brief mention in buried in yesterday's New York Times story about your record LINK and in today's Washington Post pol Notes column. LINK

We wonder if other media will pick it up.

The scant attention to all this thrashing around doesn't keep Joe Lieberman from garnering a Des Moines Register column about how "confusing and ambivalent" he finds your views on this to be. LINK

Given that you seem so tied to Clinton no matter what, perhaps you should shift to a version of what then-Governor Clinton classically said with respect to the United States' involvement in the Gulf War: "I guess I would have voted with the majority if it was a close vote. But I agree with the arguments the minority made." LINK

Now, helping you sort all of this out is an increasing cadre of Clintonistas, most of whom will roll their eyes at Time's report that the FPOTUS is trying to get his wife to drive around Upstate with Bruce Lindsey getting people to spontaneously release her from her pledge not to run for President this year. LINK

We should probably call John Podesta and ask him why he has been on the phone encouraging people to help Clark, but we'll get to that later today. Or, maybe, John, you could call/e-mail us.

We asked one long-time Clinton watcher who understands the rhythms of Hillbilly moments to try to explain the Time thing and all the other Clinton buzz out there and here's what we got:

"Well, from what I can tell … all of its true and none of its true."

"Which means … sure! He thinks Clark would be great! And, sure! Wouldn't it be great if HRC could run this time??"

"But she is not going to because she knows she would get killed. And so does he."

"And I think there's a lot of 'chatter in the system' because there is a big appetite for Clinton chatter and folks who aren't particularly credible are finding themselves sought after."

"Let's just say I think X [name deleted, but savvy readers can guess] has been spending a lot of time on the phone."

Still, Clintonistas continue to come on board, some fully committed (checking real estate prices in Arkansas, and room rates at the Peabody), others simply agreeing to help out with things such as debate prep and aftermath, including, The Note has learned, the Harbour Group's Joel Johnson, who knows a thing or three about presidential politics.

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