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In contrast to DiStaso's piece, Kevin Landrigan's assorted Dean quotations in the Nashua Telegraph suggest that Dean is going to advocate rolling back all of the Bush tax cuts while proposing his own "program for tax fairness for the middle class." LINK

The AP writes up the traditional (and not so traditional) ways the Dean campaign plans to raise money in the next two weeks. LINK

And Dr. Steinberg Dean is becoming less of a mystery — at least to campaign supporters. From ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

"In a two-page letter sent to target donors nationwide this week, Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean says her reluctance to spend more time on the campaign trail with her husband reflects the demands of her job."

"The fundraising solicitation is one of Steinberg's Dean's first public campaign actions and an indication that she may begin to broaden her role. She's given a few print interviews and was briefly interviewed two weeks ago by Vermont Public Radio."

"'As a doctor and a partner in medical practice, I have [a] responsibility to my patients. That's why my time "on the campaign trail" is limited; when people are sick they want and need to see a physician,' Steinberg Dean writes."

"'Howard is an excellent physician and we make a great team. I think Howard was a better governor because of his experiences as a doctor. He can quickly absorb the necessary information to make difficult decisions,' the letter continues."

"'I enjoy helping people on a one-on-one basis — getting to know them and their families and helping then deal with illness. That is my war; while Howard is much more talented at improving things for people on a bigger scale.'"

"Steinberg Dean wrote the letter herself, the campaign says, with minimal guidance from spinmeisters."


The Missouri Congressman went up in South Carolina with Howard, not George, in his crosshairs.

Dean's ads ask: "Has anyone really stood up against George Bush and his policies?"

Now it's Gephardt's turn to answer. Per the AP, "Gephardt's first ad in the state introduces the Missouri congressman as the only candidate who has 'led the fight against every bad trade agreement that failed to protect our jobs — NAFTA, the China trade deal and fast track trade negotiations.'" LINK

Gephardt has put out an e-mail to supporters saying this campaign is going to be about "who really represents the Democratic wing of the Democratic party."

More on the ad from ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

"Gephardt went on the air in South Carolina Thursday with a 60-second radio spot targeting black voters. Here's an excerpt:

'Howard Dean claims he's fighting for our jobs, but Howard Dean supported the China Trade Deal and said he was a "STRONG supporter of NAFTA." Dean even claimed it would create jobs. Instead, those two bad deals have cost South Carolina almost thirty thousand jobs.'

"Bush might as well be chopped liver in this ad. He's not mentioned until the last sentence."

(The Note is certain the Gephardt camp heeded the advice of the sage Chuck Todd LINK in deciding to up and go negative on Dean … )

More from Hawkins:

"Gephardt didn't make much news yesterday on Hardball, but how can you make news when the guy interviewing you repeatedly cuts you off mid-sentence? Gephardt skimmed over Dean, did NOT call President Bush a 'miserable failure,' and said he thinks he has a 'decent shot' at getting the AFL-CIO endorsement."

Some highlights:

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