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SEIU and campaign sources say that Dean got the most endorsement votes of the conference members, followed by Edwards, then Gephardt.

The Washington Post on SEIU's non-endorsement: LINK A surging John Edwards and a stumbling John Kerry make their way into the AP's lead about SEIU's decision to wait before making an endorsement. LINK

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary: Cash as cash can? Glen Justice on Terry McAuliffe's contention that Dems fighting for the nomination "should consider opting out of the country's public financing system during the primary season." LINK Roll Call 's Chris Cillizza writes up the efforts of the Gephardt, Kerry, Edwards and Dean campaigns to rally congressional support for their candidacies.

"Most of the Democratic presidential candidates are putting their campaigns on hold for the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, choosing to take part in memorial services or simply staying out of the public spotlight for the day," the AP's Will Lester reports. LINK

"The lone exception was Senator Bob Graham of Florida, who planned to address the Council on Foreign Relations in New York Thursday."


The Boston Globe 's Michael Kranish reports on Senator Kerry's pondering of public financing. LINK

Kranish reports, "Kerry bristled when asked about the possibility that Dean may break the cap, pointing out that Dean had pledged in a letter to the Federal Election Commission that he would abide by the spending cap. The issue prompted Kerry to use some of his strongest language yet about Dean, criticizing the former Vermont governor for changing his positions on a variety of issues."

"'Somebody who wants to be president ought to keep their word,' Kerry said. 'I think it goes to the core of whether you are a different politician or a politician of your word or what you are.'"

The Globe's Joanna Weiss and Christopher Muther watched Kerry and Moby last night. LINK

"[Kerry's] playing could only be described as tentative; Kerry, wearing shirtsleeves and casual pants, kept looking over at his aide, Roger Fisk, and apologized both beforehand and afterward. But his performance was not forced, or at least not as forced as a politician riding in a tank."


In his review of the Democrats' Baltimore debate, Michael Kramer of The New York Daily News gets an unnamed Kerry adviser to say that "his man's fund-raising efforts have 'pretty much stalled' in the face of Dean's surge … 'none of us have figured a surefire way to rough him up without hurting ourselves. We'd better think of something pretty fast, though, or it'll be Bush who ends up roughing him up next year." LINK

New Hampshire:

John DiStaso has Kathleen Sullivan warning that candidates who run full-fledged campaigns in DC's "beauty contest" two weeks before New Hampshire's primary risk a "backlash" in the Granite State. LINK


The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont reports on the other campaign's reactions to a new Zogby poll showing Dean in the lead in Iowa. LINK Spin, please: "Gephardt spokesman Erik Smith said he expects Gephardt's labor base to rally as Jan. 19 approaches. 'On caucus day, Democratic union households will overwhelmingly go for Gephardt,' he said."

And more: "Kerry's Iowa spokeswoman, Laura Capps, said other candidates started their ads in Iowa earlier than Kerry. 'We're pleased to be in a solid position with four more months to go before the caucuses,' Capps said."

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