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"'She's called me up constantly, telling me I ought to do this, do that,' Davis said on a visit to a shelter for battered women in Chinatown. 'She's called up other colleagues and told them to support me, and I believe we will go into this election with virtual unanimity in terms of Democratic support.'"

Mr. Finnegan and Mr. Jones also report that Representatives Dooley and Sanchez got company yesterday.

"But cracks in the facade of party unity grew wider Wednesday as Rep. Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks became the third California Democrat in Congress to call on Feinstein to run. He believes 'the only way to boost Democratic turnout and defeat the recall is to get a prominent Democrat on the ballot,' said Mike Gatto, Sherman's district director."

The Los Angeles Times duo make sure to include President Bush declaring from the Rose Garden that he is watching the recall as an "interested political observer."

And Art Torres fills in for Garry South today for the "try to scare Riordan out of the race" quote.

"Torres signaled that Democrats could make an issue of Riordan's age and health if he enters the race. Riordan, 73, has undergone treatment for prostate cancer."

"'He's got some real weaknesses in terms of age and ability to run a state as large as California,' Torres said. 'You're going to have to have someone with an attention span larger than I think Dick has, given that he's been in semiretirement since he left the mayorship. I don't say that in a derogatory sense.'"

Of course not.

Carla Marinucci proves that you can do a star turn on Inside Politics and co-author a must-read story all in the same day. Ms. Marinucci and Mark Simon cover much of the same territory as their southern California colleagues in wrapping all the day's recall news into one packed story. LINK

"Davis downplayed the first cracks in the Democratic Party strategy to fight the recall as a GOP-backed effort, in part, by keeping Democrats off the ballot as alternatives to the governor. "

"'They understand this is a Republican cabal to undo a duly justified election.'"

Ms. Marinucci and Mr. Simon checked in with other members of the congressional delegation and were not able to find any other Democrat willing to jump ship … yet.

San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown was asked why cracks in Democratic unity are beginning to appear. Marinucci and Simon write up the exchange and answer this age old question: How do you get a Gray Davis staffer to guffaw?

"Brown, in an interview with KTVU Channel 2, said the governor has 'zero personal relationships,' is cold and distant, and that 'people do not like him.'

"Davis tried to laugh off Brown's criticism as he stepped up his campaign to keep his job now that the Legislature has settled a budget deal almost a month late."

"'He said I wasn't warm and cuddly,' Davis told KTVU political editor Randy Shandobil, who had asked for a response. 'Come over here, I'll give you a hug' — and he bear-hugged the surprised reporter as the governor's staff broke into guffaws."

The San Francisco Chronicle pair do a "in other recall news" roundup including President Bush leaving the recall up to the California people to decide. Richard Riordan continues his efforts to put together a campaign team, which may include Schwarzenegger adviser George Gorton.

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