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"Although Sullivan served as the campaign's lead fundraiser during the first six months of the year and Gephardt finished the second quarter a disappointing fifth in overall fundraising, spokesman Erik Smith emphasized that Cunningham's hiring does not mean Sullivan's role would be diminished."

David Shribman sees Dick Gephardt as a man with a plan — and guts. LINK

Graham: The Los Angeles Times' Richard B. Schmitt and Josh Meyer curtain raise the soon to be released 9/11 intelligence report. LINK

The report "finds no specific evidence that officials ignored or missed warning signs that would have enabled them to foil the plot that killed about 3,000 people, congressional and law enforcement sources said Tuesday."

And Bob Graham was able to get a lot of high up ink in the story.

"'I am a very angry man tonight, being informed of what portions of the report are going to be withheld from the public,' Graham told about 40 members of Democratic Leadership for the Twenty-First Century, a group of young Democrats gathered in a dimly lighted cabaret on Wilshire Boulevard."

"'I start from the premise that in a democracy, the people should know as much as the government knows unless there is a very compelling case that the information threatens American security interests,' Graham said. 'I think a different standard has been applied to this report, and that is, 'What is it that reduces the embarrassment to agencies that acted in an incompetent manner?''"

Kerry: Senator Kerry's first REALLYBIG Meetup night - that's Thursday - has attracted hosts in 106 cities according to Meetup's Myles Weissleder. Locations range from Mona No Joka in Everett, Washington to Blue Dawg Bagels in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We'll get a handle on attendees - and you can bet it'll be instantly compared in some press release by some campaign - when the events are over.

Kucinich: Before the latest White House admission, Congressman Kucinich called on Vice President Cheney to explain his role in the Niger evidence. He and two other Members of Congress sent Cheney a letter asking "10 questions that they want the vice president to answer, such as: 'Did you or a member of your staff at any time direct or encourage CIA analysts to disseminate unreliable intelligence?' the Associated Press reports. LINK

Lieberman: The star of "Only In America" is ready to hit the campaign trail for her son in New Hampshire. LINK

Sharpton: Reverend Sharpton chatted about presidential politics with Page Six recently on a flight to Palm Beach and talked up Dr. Dean. LINK

South Carolina: Yesterday, the Note misspelled the name of a reporter for the Charleston Post and Courier. She is Kathleen Hennessey. And we regret the error.

David Lightman writes that "there are some telltale signs the Democrats are in more trouble than they will admit" money wise, including in the Palmetto State:

"South Carolina. The state's crucial Feb. 3 primary, which each of the Democrats has already been stumping hard to win, has been so strapped for funds as to be in danger of being canceled." LINK

"Party Chairman Joe Erwin said Tuesday the party needs between $400,000 and $500,000 to run it. The party has not raised the money yet, but former Chairman Dick Harpootlian said Tuesday "it will happen.'"

Iowa: It's a chopper, baby. LINK

While several '04 Democrats have blasted Bush's foreign policy pronouncements as "bluster" and "machismo," at least one White House wannabe is trying to rev up his own image.

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