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Chris Cillizza of Roll Call looks at the Capitol Hill campaign committees' warchests.

"The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $44 million in the first six months of the year, roughly $30 million more than the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee."

"But Republicans spent all but $6.5 million of that take, putting the NRCC at rough parity with the cash-on-hand total of their Democratic counterparts; the DCCC still carries more than $2.5 million in arrears from the 2002 campaign, however."

Alexander Bolton also has the dollar figures in today's Hill. LINK

California recall:

John Wildermuth of the San Francisco Chronicle writes up the latest Field Poll showing 51% of likely California voters favor recalling Governor Gray Davis. LINK

"The governor's backers see the new survey as relatively good news. A poll released last month by the Public Policy Institute of California showed a nearly identical 48 percent of likely voters favoring a Davis recall, and the governor's own polls show about 51 percent support for the recall."

"The slim pro-recall majority is likely to be a high-water mark, said Paul Maslin, Davis' pollster, who predicted support for a recall will slip as an election moves closer."

On the GOP side:

"Riordan leads the likely challengers, with 37 percent of the voters inclined to support him. Schwarzenegger has 31 percent, Simon 30 percent, McClintock 27 percent,

Issa 22 percent and Camejo 11 percent."

"When asked to chose a single candidate, Riordan again came out on top, leading Schwarzenegger, 21 percent to 15 percent, with Simon at 12 percent and Camejo at 8

percent. Trailing the field with 4 percent was Issa, despite spending $1.2 million of his own money to help finance the recall effort."

The Washington Times ' Steve Sexton continues to put the legal wrangling in Floridian (circa 2000) context. LINK Jeffrey Rabin of the Los Angeles Times describes the recall battle as "street theater." Perhaps those Florida comparisons aren't so off base. LINK

"The campaign to recall Gov. Gray Davis dissolved into street theater Tuesday, with dueling news conferences before a dozen television cameras outside a state office building in downtown Los Angeles."

"Opponents of the recall unveiled a lawsuit seeking to slow or stop an election, arguing that the actions of paid petition circulators violated state law and threatened 'the legitimacy and integrity of our electoral system.'"

"A spokeswoman for the recall's biggest financial backer, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, immediately called her own news conference on a nearby sidewalk, where she dismissed the allegations as 'absolutely absurd.' The spokeswoman, Monica Getz, was later suspended from her job without pay for impersonating a reporter to attend the recall opponents' news conference."

Erica Werner of the Associated Press writes up the legal arguments being made by "Taxpayers Against the Governor's Recall." And she adds that they are looking to

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