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The Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson writes likewise, and includes some eloquent, fluid quotes from the Reverend Jackson about the state of American affairs. LINK

David Lightman writes: "What came through loudest and clearest Sunday was that a freshly energized Jackson and his coalition have a well-defined point of view and, perhaps, the clout to push it." LINK


Number seven, Saturday's final part of The Boston Globe 's John Kerry series, ties up some loose ends in the areas of love and war, with a symbolic rapprochement with Vietnam, a 1995 wedding to the wealthy, unconventional Teresa Heinz, and a presidential hopeful "liberated by the fact of [his] candidacy." LINK

For more details about Kerry's formerly Republican, peach-Oscar-de-la-Renta-wedding-gown-wearing bride (She's way rich! Houses, paintings, and everything!); his rough Weld race; his forged relationships with Senators Kennedy and McCain; his senatorial accomplishments during the nineties (with a focus on foreign policy, the economy, and the environment); as well as more persnickety Globe minutia about Mr. "Live Shot" (hey, fellas, don't forget the guy is a longtime politician-some ambition is okay … ), check out John Aloysius Farrell's whole story.

And don't miss the "Rorschach pattern of his personality" in the guise of Kerry's "hideaway" office in the Capitol: windowless, containing "a huge map of Vietnam, which enables Kerry to show visitors where he fought his battles;" posters of French wars, The Grateful Dead, and Bruce Springsteen; a handwritten note from rock star/activist Bono ("John — I'll be back. Bono"); a photo with Ted Kennedy; and, naturally, a picture showing "Kerry on the cover of a windsurfing magazine."

Epic, dude (or nukin', rigger, skunked, deck-check, new-school, or tooled-time will tell). John Kerry Heard it from the Heartland on Saturday. LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Jonathan Roos reports that Senator Kerry portrayed the president "as a huckster who has left Americans with failed economic and foreign policies" during his "Hear it from the Heartland" session Sunday with Senator Harkin in Mason City, Iowa. Newsweek's Melinda Henneberger has the latest THK profile. This one starts, "Teresa Heinz Kerry emerges from her Boston town house in a black workout leotard and dark glasses (though the morning is overcast), nibbling a handful of granola en route to her Pilates class." LINK


What seemed to have happened at the Democratic event in Newton?

# John Edwards continued to use really harsh, personal rhetoric against President Bush, that the media would never tolerate if the shoe were on the other partisan foot, calling the incumbent "a complete, unadulterated phony."

# Edwards, per the Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson, also seems to have changed his position on government subsidies for large hog lots.

# Kucinich and Shartpon, per the norm at multi-candidate events, stole the show. LINK, and LINK

By the end of Governor Vilsack's time in office, there will be a consensus about what the single David Yepsen column which can be considered the most negative.

Yesterday's must might make it to the final round, casting the Gov as basically an ambitious, untrustworthy liberal. LINK


Great answer, Howard.

Faye Fiore's Sunday profile of Joe Lieberman led with the "started late" theme, but mostly was about the "too centrist to be nominated" theme. LINK


Good Answer, Carol.

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