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We could lead with The Corrections (not by Jonathan Franzen):

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In the June 10th edition of The Note, we wrote that all of the top six Democratic candidates for president (besides Howard Dean) would have to raise $6 million in the second quarter or people would start to talk. We meant $5.5 million. The Note regrets the error.

Nah. Too self-involved.

Or we could lead with our latest sense of the political implications of the looming Medicare compromise; the Gray Davis situation; the violence in the Middle East; the missing WsMD; the stalled elevator on the Hill; the stalled child tax credit on the Hill; the Boston Globe 's need to get some perspective in how it covers John Kerry; the expected returns of Elizabeth Edwards and Andy Card to the Center of the Universe; the Imus triple header; Roger Simon's new toy; or the possibility of a SCOTUS fight or two.

Nope. All too tentative and sluggish (what with the Eastern humidity causing people to be on and more than on

So we could lead with the major political daybook items, such as:

The president is expected to take on the generic drug fight today on his trip to New Britain, Connecticut (before he heads off to Maine). LINK

Robin Vinci of the New Britain Herald writes an article on the history of presidential visits to the city. This is the first time a President has made a repeat visit to the city. Bush is expected to receive a warm welcome. LINK

The New Britain Herald's Marah Block writes on how the locals there are fairly divided in their opinions of Bush but are still excited that he is visiting. LINK

Tonight, Senator Bob Graham appears on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, hosted by Jim Lehrer. He's in New York and Washington.

Senator Lieberman has a fundraiser in Connecticut.

Governor Dean makes several "house calls" in New Hampshire.

Congressman Gephardt attends the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox game in Boston. (Go Yankees!)

Senator Edwards has a day of activities in Tennessee.

Senator Kerry begins his trip to Iowa.

But a laundry list is not a lead.

So since a recent comprehensive survey of Note readers determined that a vast majority of you are interested in the 2004 presidential race (and few of you, at this writing, believe control of the House or Senate is much in play), we can start simply.

There's one must-read today, and it is by the political reporter whose ratios of fame to influence; fame to talent; fame to fairness; and fame to sheer niceness are all as low as you can get in Washington.

His name is Ron Fournier.

Now, we don't mean THIS Ron Fournier: "Ron Fournier's career as a metal fabricator spans more than 35 years and across the custom automotive, aircraft and motorcycle industries." LINK

Or this one: "Ron Fournier, CEMVR Public Affairs, Rock Island, IL." LINK

Or even this one: "A œuvré comme arbitre de hockey professionnel pendant 14 ans (4 ans dans l'Association mondiale et 10 ans dans la Ligue nationale de hockey)." LINK

Nope, here is OUR Ron Fournier — he of the Associated Press. LINK and LINK

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