The Note: "Yada, Yada, Yada -- and So We Go"

DINGELL: "Let the people know what George W. Bush is doing to the country. . . George W. Bush has brought us the most intolerable international situation. He's doing nothing to resolve the troubles in the Middle East. He's involved us in a war. This is caused in caused in good part by intellectual laziness. He sold an attack on Iraq on the theory that there were weapons of mass destruction and that there were ties to terrorist organizations -- neither of which was true. Show what they are trying to do to Social Security. . . Show that they are hostile to Medicare. . . George W. Bush came in with a $2 trillion surplus. We now have a $7 trillion deficit. . . This is the worst and most incompetent administration since Coolidge."

THE NOTE: "Why did President Bush recently call you the 'biggest pain in the ass'?"

DINGELL: "I was very flattered about that. Ask him. He said it because I not infrequently oppose him on matters of importance to him. By the way, I like President Bush. I think he is a nice man. I just think he is a terribly bad president."

THE NOTE: "Your wife recently that you asked her out 14 or 15 times before she finally said yes, how did you finally overcome her reluctance to date you?"

DINGELL: "Persistence. I recommend it to anyone who is chasing a pretty girl. Let me say one more thing: the wife that I got with that persistence is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I love her more than life itself. I love her and what she does."

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