Evening Newscasts Wrap - 9/28/04

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ABC' Kate Snow introduced a Jonathan Karl piece by noting that President Bush "ignored questions" about the alleged Israeli spy in the Pentagon. Karl reported that Bush "better win" in Ohio given its electoral history but that he's facing a tough sell in a state that has lost 236,000 jobs and whose unemployment rate rose from 3.9 to 5.9% since January 2001.

NBC's David Gregory included sound from President Bush praising Kerry's war record in an interview with Matt Lauer: "I think him going to Vietnam was more heroic than my flying fighter jets. He was in harm's way. I wasn't. Then again I served my country. If my unit had been called up I would have gone."

CBS' Mark Knoller included the number of lost jobs as well as news of an increase in Ohio residents living below the poverty line.


In a voiceover ABC' Kate Snow reported that Gen. Wesley Clark "went after President Bush," criticizing him for not serving in Vietnam and accusing Bush of being an "indecisive and incompetent" commander in chief.

NBC's V/O focused on Kerry's message and totally ignored Clark's attacks, instead reporting that he "defended Kerry."

Mark Knoller introduced CBS' Byron Pitts package saying that Kerry is "still playing defense" because of the Swift Boat ads. Pitts reported that "some in the Kerry campaign concede Kerry could use the downtime" that the convention is offering him.


CBS played video and sound from former Texas Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes saying he was ashamed at helping George Bush get into the Air National Guard in 1968. CBS' Russ Mitchell reported erroneously that "President Bush has always said he received no special treatment in entering the national guard."


ABC's Bob Jamieson wrapped all the convention protests, from anti-Starbucks today to bicyclists last night to the two men who planned on blowing up a New York subway station. Jamieson Noted that last night's arrests -- 260 bicyclists – were "50 times as many" as were made during the entire Democratic convention.

NBC's Tom Costello took a more personal look at protestors, dedicating half of his package to a devastatingly emotional critique from family members of soldiers who have died in Iraq and now oppose Bush.

NBC's Mike Taibbi took a look at New York City's security efforts.

CBS' Jim Axelrod wrapped the protestors in New York and the 18-month efforts by New York City police officers to defend the city.

CBS' Serena Altschul looked forward a little bit to planned protests.


Nancy Weiner reports that 527 groups have received increased donations since the Swift Boat ads began running and that Republican 527 are "quietly soliciting" for money at the RNC this week. Weiner also described Bush as having "changed his stance" after featuring sound from Bush saying "that's what freedom of speech is all about" in response to a question about 527s in 2000.


In a voiceover ABC's Kate Snow reported the horserace numbers in today's Time Magazine poll: 46 Bush/44 Kerry/4 Nader


CBS' Jerry Bowen took a mostly negative look at the Administration's plan to give hospitals $1 billion in aid so long as they begin to ask ER visitors whether they are legal immigrants or not.