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We are often asked: what are The Note's 2006 New Year's resolutions?

We resolve to be short and complete, accessible and insider, focused on Washington and on the nation, idealistic and snarky, hopelessly pro-Bush and hopelessly anti-Bush, concerned with governance and with politics, more interested in must-reads and more generous to Ed Chen, and more mathematical.

Getting all that done in one 365-day period won't be easy, as evidenced by today's lede, on a political news day of abundant cats and dogs.

We walked into The Note Assembly Room on Rhode Island Avenue Northeast this morning, and began the day as we always do: decorative liter bottles of Diet Coke in hand, we wandered along the walls, looking up at the taped-up print-outs of the various stories and news summaries that the Googling monkeys had prepared over night.

Then, in a moment of lucidity most closely resembling the marriage of chocolate to peanut butter LINK, we realized that all of today's must-reads form a perfect mathematical formula.

Now: the problem with this formula is that it is only understandable to those of you whose insider knowledge matches or exceeds, say, Chris Henick's or Jeff Eller's. (If you don't know who those guys are, well, you have just proved our point.)

In any case, for some of you, the following formula is pretty much the only part of today's Note you need to read; for the rest, skip down to our schedule after the words "CIVILIANS: BEGIN READING HERE."

Ron Brownstein LINK - Bob Novak LINK - (David Brooks LINK + Peggy Noonan LINK) + Heidi Przybyla LINK = Congressman Rahm Emanuel LINK


In an event after The Note's heart for theater, President Bush will meet with current and former Secretaries of State and Defense in the Roosevelt Room at the White House at 9:30 am ET. He'll chat with the pool at the bottom of the meeting and then pose for a photo opportunity. The topic du jour is Iraq and the global war on terror. In a display of bipartisan bonhomie, at least four Clinton-era officials are expected to attend including Secretaries Albright, Perry, and Cohen. (Insert your own Warren Christopher joke here, unless Secretary Christopher is ailing, in which case, we wish him our best.)

Later in the day, the President signs H.R. 3402, the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 in the Oval Office at 3:20 pm ET. Mrs. Bush is expected to attend. President Bush then heads to the State Department for 3:45 pm ET remarks to the "US University Presidents Summit on International Education."

There is lots and lots of Alito-related activity today for you:

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) holds a roundtable with reporters at 11:00 am ET on the upcoming Alito confirmation hearings. According to a Kennedy spokeswoman, "he will lay out the many questions Alito will face about the growing credibility gaps between his assurances to Senators in 1990 and now, and his writings, his speeches, and his 15 years of opinions." The spokeswoman goes on to Note that the Alito nomination will be the twenty-third Supreme Court nomination for which Kennedy fulfilled his advise and consent duty.

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