The Note: Won't Be Lame

According to USA Today's Richard Wolf, the $2.7 trillion budget proposed by President Bush later today will include increases in, "defense, homeland security and benefit programs that grow faster than the economy." LINK

Most of the President's $2.7 trillion budget proposal will go to defense and anti-terrorism programs. At the same time, writes the Associated Press, over one hundred programs will either shrink or disappear in order to meet the $36 billion goal in Medicare savings. LINK

The Wall Street Journal breaks down President Bush's health care tax break plan. LINK

The Washington Post has more: LINK

Catherine Dodge and Brian Faler of Bloomberg report that politics may trump the U.S budget in an election year. LINK

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the Family Opportunity Act President Bush plans to sign -- one of the few expansions to a health program in this year's federal budget that will give 115,00 disabled children Medicaid access— is expected to cost $872 million over five years, writes Boston Globe's Rick Klein. LINK

Joel Havemann has the budget preview for the Los Angeles Times. LINK

Politics of Iraq:

The New York Times reports on the Defense Department's expanded effort to combat the increasing IED attacks proving to be so lethal to American soldiers, Iraqi soldiers, and Iraqi civilians. LINK

Politics of Iran:

When asked on morning network morning television if he would restart diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran, Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) said, "I would talk directly to them."

David Sanger's compelling New York Times news analysis on the United States' posture towards Iran includes experts who believe a nuclear-armed Iran is inevitable. LINK

Bush Administration:

Jeffrey Goldberg dubs Michael Gerson "The Believer" in this week's New Yorker.

Elisabeth Bumiller's "White House Letter" in the New York Times depicts a pensive President Bush of late who is thinking about turning 60 years old this year and what he will do when he leaves the White House. LINK

Majority Leader Boehner:

Nina Easton of the Boston Globe shows her ownership of the Boomer movement conservative beat and her archival bent with a must-read look at CR Jack Abramoff. Check out the revival of the 40-41 wars of yore!!! LINK

Richard Serrano of the Los Angeles Times wraps Rep. Boehner's Sunday debut as Majority Leader highlighting his call for more openness about lobbyist/lawmaker interactions and his resistance to a ban on all privately funded travel. LINK

The Washington Post has Boehner voicing his disagreement with the specifics of lobbying reform, talking about possible seat losses in 2006, and saying he won't necessarily step aside from his new post if Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) is cleared of all charges. LINK

Gannett's Malia Rulon takes a look at Boehner's "money-raising prowess", Noting Boehner's PAC, the Freedom Project, and an event known as the Boehner Beach Party. Boehner, who has taken more than three dozen privately funded trips since 2000, disagrees with House Speaker Dennis Hastert's proposal to ban all lobbying trips, reports the Boston Globe's Jim Abrams. LINK

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan reports on Boehner's resistance to top-down leadership and on his old House Republican way of supporting earmarks and sponsored travel. LINK

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