The Note: Won't Be Lame

Boehner's election as Leader could open the door for Rep. Buck McKeon to become the chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, increasing the clout of Democratic-leaning California in a GOP Congress, the Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday. LINK

Lobbying reform:

Both Sen. McCain and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) have adopted bans on their own personal use of corporate jets, encouraging others to do the same, Roll Call's Paul Kane reports.

The Washington Post's Jeffrey Birnbaum Notes that the progress of lobbying reform in Washington depends on whether or not Abramoff gives off immediate and instigating testimony. LINK

Fitzgerald investigation:

Michael Isikoff reports in the current Newsweek that Valerie Plame's status was still covert at the time her name was published in Bob Novak's column in July 2003. LINK

The Los Angeles Times saw some hints at a Libby defense over the weekend. LINK

2008: Democrats:

While on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman departed from the President's "formidable" opponent line and unleashed some new talking points on Sen. Clinton -- describing her as an angry, left-wing liberal.

Here's the New York Times' Adam Nagourney with more. LINK

The tabloids and AP pick it up, too: LINK, and LINK

On Sunday, the New York Post's Ian Bishop wrote up the Hollywood celebrities who have donated to Sen. Clinton's reelection campaign. LINK

Clinton called for America's youth to become involved in their communities and work for change in a speech at the American Democracy Institute's Youth Leadership Summit in Philadelphia Saturday, reports Adam Fifield of the Philadelphia Inquirer. LINK

"Bring your hopes, bring your dreams, bring your iPods and your cell-phone cameras, and change the world in your way," she said.

2008: Republicans:

Sen./Dr./Leader Bill Frist avoided talking to reporters about 2008 aspirations while visiting New Hampshire to "nurture the GOP at its grass roots," reports Mark Leibovich of the Washington Post. href="">LINK

"My job is to herd these Republicans," Frist says. "And if I have too many frogs jumping out of the wheelbarrow as I'm moving down the field, it means I've gotta be putting people back in." The AP's Beth Fouhy looks at Rudy Giuliani's flying under the radar lately as he considers a presidential bid. LINK

"'Rudy's national security credentials could bring him to the No. 2 spot on ticket, but not No. 1,' [Former McCain aide Marshall] Wittmann said. 'Pro-life voters care about national security, but they are Republicans because it's the pro-life party and they'd leave the party if it nominated a pro-choice candidate. The mayor's an intelligent guy, and I'm certain he knows that.'"

Newsweek's Richard Wolffe looks at the team of Bush political operatives and fundraisers being put to work by 2006 and 2008 candidates -- perhaps a bit sooner than the White House would like. LINK

Make sure you look for the photo illustration showing Inch High Private Eye versions of adorable Steve Schmidt and cute-as-can-be Mark McKinnon.

Sen. John McCain's (R-AZ) weekend tough talk on Russia included questioning whether the G-8 leaders should attend a June summit in St. Petersburg, reports the International Herald Tribune. LINK


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