The Note: Cowboy and Indians

As for color, there are some who would like to obsess over allegations that Justice Ginsberg took a quarter hour snooze yesterday. But knowing that Supreme Court cases are decided mostly on the papers (and having nodded off a few times at the Court ourselves), we won't go there.

We will tell you that the best color may have been the color man himself.

Dana "The Sketcher" Milbank spent the first 15 minutes of oral argument trying to get a seat that would allow him to see the judges.

(Something that the spillover reporters who sit behind the screen cannot do.)

"But I've got to write the scene," he kept repeating. "How can I write the scene if I can't see what's going on?"

With an assist from Bloomberg News, the Sketcher ponders what would happen if Brian Lamb prevailed in his long quest to get cameras in the Court. LINK

Among the star-studded list of attendees were RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman and Bob Kerrey, the former Nebraska Senator who has penned a foreword for the forthcoming Jarding-Mudcat book: "Foxes in the Henhouse: How the Republicans Stole the South and the Heartland and What the Democrats Must Do to Run 'em Out."

Thank you, Dr. Dobson:

Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg confirmed yesterday that Alito sent a letter of thanks to Focus on the Family founder James Dobson for his assistance during the confirmation process. LINK

The New York Times on Alito's letter of thanks to Dr. Dobson: LINK

Comments on Think Progress are nearly breathless. LINK


Rep. Tom DeLay's (R-TX) campaign team is using "micro-targeting" to connect with voters in Texas's 22nd district, reports the Houston Chronicle's Samantha Levine. LINK

Per the Associated Press, a travel agency was subpoenaed yesterday for records about a trip to England and Scotland that Rep. Tom DeLay took in 2000 with lobbyist Jack Abramoff. LINK

The Dukester:

Federal prosecutors filed new documents yesterday urging a judge to give former Congressman Duke Cunningham a maximum of 10 years in jail when he is sentenced tomorrow. LINK

Fitzgerald investigation:

ABC News' Jason Ryan reports that a 19-page affidavit in the CIA leak case has been filed by Patrick Fitzgerald in the Libby case but most of its contents have been redacted, including a five-page section with only the word "redacted" appearing. The affidavit offers only a few clues about those involved besides Libby and perpetuates the mystery of who Bob Woodward's source was ("Official"). The Libby defense says the "official" is an official outside the White House.

The affidavit notes, "Libby testified that he learned from [redacted] on July 10 or July 11 that Novak was aware of Wilson's wife employment at the CIA and that Novak planned to publish a story about Wilson and his wife."

Libby's lawyers had requested that Judge Walton provide them with the identity of Official 1 but Fitzgerald has stated that it is still grand jury material and therefore secret. One paragraph does indicate that the official spoke with Bob Woodward and Notes, "Libby has been given a redacted transcript of the conversation between Woodward and [redacted] and Novak has published an account briefly describing the conversation with his first confidential source [redacted]."

This seems to indicate that Woodward or his source have an audio recording of their conversations which they have provided Fitzgerald.

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