The Note: Thumbs on Both Sides of the Scale

"While I have never faced a Democratic primary I know what it takes to win in the general in places where it is tough," Bayh told Democratic activists during his third trip to the Granite State in as many months.

Keying off of ABC's Invisible Primary ratings LINK which ranked Sen. Bayh's staff and consultants as the second best in the Democratic presidential field, Maureen Groppe ran short profiles of the people behind the Bayh punch for Sunday's edition of the Indianapolis Star. The featured Bayh aides were chief of staff Tom Sugar, deputy chief of staff Linda Moore Forbes, PAC director Marc Farinella, communications director Dan Pfeiffer, pollster Paul Maslin, media consultant Anita Dunn, and chief fundraiser Nancy Jacobson. LINK

The people who live in southern Indiana and read the Louisville Courier Journal learned on Sunday from James R. Carroll that Sen. Bayh was ranked number five in ABC's "exhaustive, perhaps even exhausting, analysis of the 2008 presidential candidates." LINK

The AP's Frederic J. Frommer writes that Sen. Feingold's call for censure is "increasing his standing among many Democratic voters as he ponders a bid for the party's presidential nomination in 2008." LINK

Sen. Specter will be busy all week writing questions to ask Sen. Feingold in this Friday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the censure resolution, per Roll Call's Elizabeth Brotherton.

John Edwards' poverty conference got some glowing space in Sunday's New York Times. LINK

In terms of the ability to attract moderate GOP voters, Knight Ridder's Wayne Madsen writes that former Gov. Mark Warner's (D-VA), "background as a telecommunications tycoon, NASCAR fan and frugal spender of government money, makes him a natural nationwide contender for the White House." LINK

Quoted by a leading Missouri Democrat as a "map-changer" who can turn a "red" state "blue," Gov. Warner is giving congressional candidates in Iowa, South Carolina and Missouri financial support in a possible effort to boost his 2008 campaign, Notes Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni. LINK

Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register wrote on Sunday that Gov. Tom Vilsack spoke about the American dream in remarks that sounded to some ears like a re-tooled stump speech to Missouri Democrats Friday evening. LINK

Antonio Fins of the Sun-Sentinel has a Sunday interview with Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM). LINK

Tipper Gore wrote of her and her husband's recent trip to New Orleans in Sunday's Nashville Tennessean under the headline "So Much Left To Do" -- with, of course, some excellent Tipper Gore photos accompanying. LINK

Lobbying reform:

Jonathan Weisman of the Washington Post Notes on "revealing" lobbying reform before the House and Senate. LINK


When Tom DeLay was indicted in September by a Travis County grand jury, he lost more than his position as House majority leader -- he lost his concealed handgun permit. LINK

"He wants it back," reports Bob Dunn of Fort Bend Now.

House of Labor:

Wall Street Journal's Kris Maher reports that critics of organized labor will be able to use the now available detailed disclosure of union spending that uncovers costs on administrative overhead, political campaigns, and conventions to their advantage. LINK

Port politics:

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