The Note: Jeff Greenfield's "Compulsory Topic"

Time blogger Andrew Sullivan is dismayed by McCain's embrace of Falwell and yearns for the McCain who once denounced Falwell as one of America's "agents of intolerance." LINK

Politics of Iraq:

The New York Times reports that Ambassador Khalilzad delivered a personal message from President Bush to Shiite officials indicating he does not want Ibrahim al-Jaafari to be Iraq's prime minister when a government is formed. LINK

2008: Republicans:

The DSCC continues its whack-a-mole game with Sen. George Allen's (R-VA) comments about being frustrated with the pace of the Senate. DSCC executive director J.B. Poersch sent a second tongue-in-cheek letter in as many days recommending Sen. Allen for a new job. On Monday, it was NFL Commissioner. Yesterday, it was a letter to White House personnel suggesting Sen. Allen replace Josh Bolten at OMB.

The DSCC is also set to release a "Top Ten" list of jobs Sen. Allen "won't be bored doing."

"Medicare RX Benefit Help-Line Operator, Cargo Inspection at U.S. Ports, and White House Ethics Adviser," are three of the top ten.

2008: Democrats:

The New York Observer Notes Sen. Clinton's need to shine in 2006 against her New York competitors, so she can boldly stand out in 2008. LINK

Perhaps this is one way in which Bill Clinton can garner favorable news coverage around the country for his wife's potential presidential campaign. (We kid!) The New York Sun's Josh Gerstein on a Clinton-advised investment group's effort to purchase 12 Knight-Ridder newspapers: LINK

The Des Moines register has Gov. Tom Vilsack saying that Bush's budget proposal would hurt poor Iowa residents. LINK

Lobbying reform:

The Senate will vote today on whatever's left of a lobbying reform bill after restrictions on earmarks and the use of corporate jets were scrapped last night, reports Roll Call's Tory Newmyer.

The Washington Times previews the upcoming Senate powwow on the lobby reform bill, set to start today. LINK

The Senate continues to look over lobbying reform legislation, which includes Internet disclosures and limits on lobbying comps, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Alexander Bolton of The Hill takes a look at the strange alliance between Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Sen. Barak Obama (D-IL) on lobbying reform amendments. LINK

Five House Republicans are set to "use every opportunity" to pass legislation against 527 groups, writes Elana Schor of The Hill. LINK


Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny writes up Lane Evans' (D-IL) retirement and gives us a list of possible successors. LINK

William March of the Tampa Tribune writes up the new Florida poll, which shows Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) maintaining the 15 points lag behind Sen. Nelson (D-FL). LINK

New Hampshire:

The Granite State continues its battle to be first-in-the-nation, the Union Leader reports. LINK


The Houston Chronicle's Samantha Levine has Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) telling Values Voters there will always has been and always will be a "War on Christians" in America. LINK

Carrie Sheffield of The Hill writes up "God-appointed" Tom DeLay's participation at the "War on Christians" conference yesterday. LINK


Attention TV bookers: LINK

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