The Note: Cash and Carry

The Washington Post's Al Kamen looks at DeLay's lucrative prospects in the private sector. LINK

DeLay plans to push the conservative agenda from outside Congress, but inside the Beltway, according to Todd Gillman of the Dallas Morning News. LINK

DeLay: Texas reaction:

USA Today's Andrea Stone reports that, love him or hate him, most Sugarlandians think DeLay did the right thing by stepping down. LINK

DeLay: Democratic reaction:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) tells the Boston Globe: ''If it happened Oct. 1, it would be better. But on the whole, it's a net plus that he had to quit." LINK

Democrats have already begun widening the scope of their attack on the, "culture of corruption," reports the Dallas Morning News. LINK

Many state Democratic organizations and campaigns are using the DeLay resignation to call on any Republican who has received DeLay-related contributions to return them.

"He's ground zero in Congress' culture of corruption. Apparently this hasn't dawned on them yet, or they don't care. Most of them are still hanging on to the money, " said Eli Pariser, director of Political Action which called for the return of donations as well.

And national Democratic organizations including the DNC and the DCCC emailed DeLay-related fundraising appeals to supporters yesterday, but neither organization was able to provide fundraising totals from those appeals by deadline.

Josephine Hearn of the Hill has the Democrats' reactions to "their arch-nemesis'" decision to resign, who maintain that "the unexpected announcement would not derail their election-year plans to run against Republicans' 'culture of corruption'" LINK

"'I don't think it changes anything,' said House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD). 'We have run against a culture of corruption . . . Tom DeLay was a practitioner of that, but he was not what we were running against.'"


House Democratic leaders Pelosi and Hoyer are distancing themselves from Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) who is alleged to have hit a Capitol Hill police officer, reports Sheryl Gay "1600" Stolberg of the New York Times. LINK

Rep. McKinney did the morning show rounds and told NBC's Ann Curry that she joins her colleagues in the House in commending the work of the Capitol Hill police and that the entire department should not be judged by the actions of one officer.

The Washington Times writes up the McKinney "brouhaha" from the Capital Police perspective. LINK

The Atlanta Journal Constitution on McKinney's violation of House ethics and campaign rules: LINK

In op-eds in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Cynthia Tucker asks what the big deal is LINK, while Bob Barr argues that the incident shows the value of pre-emptive arrest, citing the Tom Cruise flick "Minority Report" as an example. LINK

The Washington Times reports on Rep. McKinney's special entertainment at a fundraiser last year, Issac Hayes. Shaft's travel and accommodations were paid for by taxpayers. LINK

"The political furor over the fracas could have reverberations beyond McKinney herself. Two Georgia Democrats, Reps. John Barrow and Jim Marshall, face tough reelection races in the Peach State," writes Josephine Hearn of The Hill discussing yesterday's reactions to McKinney. LINK

USA Today's ed board tells her to "stop exploiting a phony race issue and apologize for her overbearing behavior." LINK

The Massachusetts Miracle:

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