The Note: Literally in Denial

If the president plans on visiting Albuquerque, NM again this campaign season, he should probably think about a quick visit with Charles Davis. LINK

"The state's revenue outlook, mainly because of high energy prices, has improved significantly for the rest of the current budget year, and lawmakers will find a sizable pot of money available to them in the 2005 session of the Legislature to assemble a blueprint for financing education and government operations," reports the Associated Press. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Nevada:

A Las Vegas Review Journal poll has Bush leading Kerry 52% to 42%. LINK

A Republican staffer accused of destroying Democrat's voter registration forms in Nevada is suing his accuser for slander, reports Sito Negron of the Las Vegas Sun. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Colorado:

The Denver Post reports a look at the updated voter registration number shows Republicans might be losing their grip on the area south of Denver, Arapahoe and Douglas counties. LINK

Gwen Florio and Burt Hubbard of the Rocky Mountain News report "So much cash is flowing into Colorado's legislative races that voters could be in danger of tripping over moneybags." LINK

Chris Frates of the Denver Post reports the anti Amendment 36 effort — supporting an initiative that would split Colorado's nine electoral votes proportionally — has raised almost $2 million dollars. Both sides of the issue have taken out-of-state cash. The No on 36 campaign goes on the air today with a clever South Parkesque television ad. The pro-36 campaign is airing commercials as well. LINK

The Denver Post profiles Bob Beauprez: dairy farmer, banker and incumbent to the 7th congressional district. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Oregon:

Following the Democrats lead, the Oregon State Republican party will begin door to door ballot collections throughout the state. LINK

The Oregonian's Betsy Hammond gets heavy on education and the policy differences between the candidates. LINK


Patrick Kerkstra of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports Ralph Nader's unresolved ballot status has held up military ballots sent overseas. "More than the military, states and local jurisdictions are to blame for not getting their ballots to overseas soldiers. Late primary elections and legal challenges — many of them involving Ralph Nader's bid to get on ballots — have delayed printing and mailing absentee ballots in many jurisdictions." LINK

Nader campaigns in Florida today, appearing at a rally at the University of South Florida — St. Petersburg. LINK

Maria Recio of Knight Ridder Newspapers profiles the "unlikely trio with no name recognition, not much money and no hope of winning" presidential candidates Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party, David Cobb of the Green Party and Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party, who are on the ballot in most of the country LINK

A group of Superior-area Nader 2000 supporters will announce today their support for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. LINK

The politics of the flu:

The Washington Post 's Christopher Lee and Eric Weiss report that "President Bush questioned yesterday whether members and employees of Congress should receive flu shots if they do not meet federal health guidelines designed to cope with a nationwide vaccine shortage." Note that Vice President Cheney has had flu shot; Phil Singer certainly has taken notice. LINK

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