The Note: Literally in Denial

Meanwhile, Teresa Heinz Kerry, the woman who played a big role in the most recent news cycle (thanks to her own mouth and the relentless efforts of the well-oiled and confident Bush campaign, which on principle thinks adult children are off limits but spouses are not), holds a conversation on health care at the Yardley Community Centre in Yardley, PA at 2:30 pm ET. It is unknown whether she will make herself available for questions.

Senator Edwards, following a six-event tour (!) through Ohio yesterday, heads to Iowa for a bus tour the day after both Bush and Kerry were in the Hawkeye State. Edwards holds a "Fresh Start for America" community gathering in Muscatine at 10:50 am ET and rallies Iowa City at 6:30 pm ET.

First Lady Laura Bush embarks on her first and only solo bus tour of the 2004 campaign, stopping in Lebanon, Hopkinton, and Nashua, NH at 12:00 pm ET, 1:45 pm ET, and 5:00 pm ET, respectively. We can't wait for Mrs. Bush's first "unscheduled" stops …

And Elizabeth Edwards attends town hall meetings in Kenosha, WI and Erie, PA at 11:15 pm ET and 4:45 pm ET respectively.

"World News Tonight" with Peter Jennings comes to you from Pittsburgh today, looking at the tactics and momentum in one of the Big Three battlegrounds.

Tonight, "Nightline" looks at the politics of the flu vaccine — how'd we get here, and how scared should you be?

CORRECTION: In Wednesday's Note, we accidentally referred to Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times as "Bill" Rutenberg. We did not mean any offense by it. The Note went to high school with a guy named Bill Rutenberg, and, as The Note's phys. ed. teacher sagely predicted, he never amounted to anything. The same cannot be said for our friend Mr. Jim Rutenberg, who offers the country and democracy a great service that should be accurately credited.

ABC News Vote 2004: the polls:

Voters are concerned about the flu vaccine shortage and the draft, writes ABC News' Polling Director Gary Langer is his analysis of the latest ABC tracking poll. While the horserace remains at 51 percent for Bush and 46 percent Kerry in the poll of likely voters taken Sunday to Tuesday, 61 percent say they are concerned about the flu vaccine shortage. On the draft, 36 percent believe Bush would impose the draft, compared to 28 percent for Kerry. LINK

Knight Ridder's Steve Thomma reports, "President Bush leads in all of the battleground states he carried in 2000, but he faces a tightening contest to repeat his wins in Ohio and New Hampshire, according to a new Knight Ridder-MSNBC poll released Wednesday." LINK

In the New York Times , Andrew Kohut of Pew writes "The round of national surveys taken after the third presidential debate indicates that the polls are not going to give us a clear picture of who will win the election until the final days of the campaign, if then. This is not because polling no longer works — it's because voter opinion is highly unstable." LINK

Scott Martelle of the Los Angeles Times summons as much excitement as he can to deliver his paper's latest California poll results in the presidential election. LINK

"Driven by widespread rejection of Bush administration policies, California voters have solidified their support for Democratic challenger John F. Kerry and stand poised to deliver him California's 55 electoral votes on election day . . ."

A West Virginia Poll has Bush leading Kerry 47 percent to 45 percent, with 2 percent favoring Nader and 5 percent still undecided. LINK

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