The Note: Home, to a New and a Shiny Place

Bloomberg's Roger Simon -- becoming Tucker Carlson, Jay Carney, and Bill Kristol all rolled into one -- has a McCain interview in which the Senator responds to the perception of going to Liberty University to help heal any remaining wounds from 2000 and in search of possible support in 2008. LINK

". . .does McCain worry that, as he prepares for a new presidential run, he will betray his positions to achieve victory? `No, no, that would be a hollow victory,' he said in an interview. `My strength is my credibility. It is as simple as that,'" writes Simon.

Adam Nagourney of the New York Times wrote up Sen. McCain's Liberty University commencement address for Sunday editions including McCain's strong defense for the Iraq war and his inner blogger. LINK

The AP's Ron Fournier hits the (Virginia) trail with Sen. Allen and takes a look at his less-smooth-than-expected reelection battle this year that will keep him closer to home than to Des Moines or Manchester. LINK

In an interview on "Meet the Press," Newt Gingrich underplayed a run for the presidency in 2008, expressing doubts but not ruling out the idea, Notes USA Today. LINK

Boston Herald's Kevin Rothstein reveals an exclusive high tech poll over the weekend where voters gave Mitt Romney relatively high ratings for his looks and likeability but ranked Romney low for honesty, conviction and uniqueness.

Burnishing E.J. Dionne's credentials as a prognosticator, Peter Wallsten had Bush-turned-McCain strategist Mark McKinnon saying in Sunday's Los Angeles Times: "Jeb Bush will be on anyone's short list. He's got incredible experience, unqualified conservative credentials, and he brings Florida. It's the trifecta." LINK

2008: Democrats:

Stuart Rothenberg's op-ed in Roll Call weighs in on the electability of Democratic presidential contenders John Edwards, Mark Warner, and Evan Bayh, all of whom are positioning themselves to be the alternative-to-Clinton candidate.

Chelsea Clinton was none too pleased with her mother's recent comments about a sense of entitlement and poor work ethic among many young people. Sen. Clinton revised and extended her remarks in a Sunday commencement address, "'I said [to my daughter], 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to convey the impression that you don't work hard,' Mrs. Clinton continued. 'I just want to set the bar high, because we are in a competition for the future.'" LINK

The AP on Sen. Clinton's mea culpa to her daughter. LINK

The New York Post runs the AP write-up of Newt Gingrich calling Sen. Clinton a "formidable" presidential candidate. LINK

Ben Smith of the New York Daily News sized up the voting records of the two 2008 frontrunners and discovered that Sen. Clinton has voted more in line with Rupert Murdoch's interests than has Sen. McCain. LINK

Patrick Kennedy:

Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times writes up Rep. Patrick Kennedy's (D-RI) "decision" to go public with his addiction. LINK

Ballot measures:

Supporters and foes of Proposition 82, California's universal preschool initiative, are launching a multimillion-dollar ad blitz that they hope will sway voters before they go to the polls on June 6. LINK

New Hampshire:

Union Leader's John Distaso revealed that while former RNC regional director James Tobin will be sentenced Wednesday, Rep. Conyers (D-MI) requested Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez investigate White House involvements of the GOP's 2002 phone jamming scheme. LINK

House of Labor:

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