The Note: A Lifetime in Politics

The Wall Street Journal 's Hitt and Schlesinger look how the president is being hit by a "wave of bad news" the week before the election, Noting the campaign's strategy to focus on the war on terror and that "the big question is whether events outside White House control will push down Mr. Bush's popularity to the danger point." This is not a campaign that's easy to knock off message, no matter how hard the Kerry campaign uses the news of day to try. LINK

The New York Times ' Elisabeth Bumiller looks at President Bush's rejection of part of Republican platform, as he told ABC News' Charlie Gibson that "I don't think we should deny people rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that's what a state chooses to do so." LINK

The New York Times ' Laurie Goodstein turns in a must-read on the role of faith in President Bush's private life and public policy, Noting that while he attends a somewhat liberal church in Washington, has prayed with Jews and Sikhs, and has said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, "When it comes to policy . . . his opponents and supporters agree that he has done more than any president in recent history to advance the agenda of Christian social conservatives." LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Alan Murray writes that American business leaders haven't exactly been beating a path to the front of the line to talk up President Bush. "It is one of the great ironies of Election 2004. Mr. Bush's opponents attack him daily for being the tool of big business. But big business is hardly heard." LINK

The National Security Adviser defended the WOT in Broward County Florida last night. LINK

The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn argues that alarm bells should have gone off at the FDA and that it's fair to hold Bush at least partially responsible for the flu vaccine shortage. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect: Vice President Cheney:

In Wilmington, Ohio on Monday, Vice President Cheney called Iraq a "remarkable success story to date when you look at what has been accomplished overall" and said he thinks "the president deserves credit for it."

On a regular basis, Cheney speaks about the Iraq war in very positive terms but this particular phrase was new for the Vice President. Look for Senator John Edwards to seize on these comments on Tuesday to argue that Bush and Cheney are out of touch with the situation on the ground in Iraq.

Cheney also the majority of his remarks at a town hall meeting at Moorhead, MN yesterday to security issues, ABC News' Karen Travers reports.

Highlighting Kerry's "pre-9/11" mindset, Cheney said that President Bush is the right choice on November 2. "He's got a strategy for victory. He will secure it. John Kerry doesn't."

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

"On the stage in Love Park, Clinton and Kerry stood arm and arm, basking in the cheers and waving to the crowd," reports Stephan Friedman of the New York Post . LINK


The New York Post 's ed board says Clinton is closer to Bush than he is to Kerry on the decision to go into Iraq. LINK

USA Today 's Jill Lawrence reports that President Clinton could campaign in Ohio and Colorado in addition to Nevada, New Mexico, and Arkansas "if his health permits." LINK

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