The Note: It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, It's How You Play the Game

14. Take a moment to review hotel reward program account balances and adjust reservations accordingly; remember to check cancellation/refund policies for any post-election day vacation plans that you may have made a month ago.

15. Don't try to judge the mood of campaign aides simply by the tone of their voices; they're as tired of you as you are of them.

16. Field constant calls from friends and relatives demanding to know who is going to win/can they get polls numbers early/can they get help figuring out where to vote.

17. Whether it is better to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep or do that 2 mile run.

18. Whether it is okay to eat a box of cookies when your energy is flagging after nineteen straight hours of reporting.

19. To determine what is real news and what is hysterical, gossipy October-surprise-wannabe dreck.

20. To differentiate between hearty confidence and determined desperation when talking to campaign staffers.

21. Don't stress about figuring out the West Virginia surprise of this race; you can't.

22. Forget the fact that you once wrote a story saying Security Moms are pivotal.

23. Forget the fact that you once wrote that John Edwards is a killer debater.

24. When the Red and Blue states mix up wildly, forget all the lame pieces you wrote about a divided nation.

25. When exit polls show the economy as important as terror, forget all the times you wrote that "9/11 changed everything."

Oh, one more.

Don't let yourself think for a minute, for better or worse, that nothing -- not the candidates, the TV ads, the ground game, even voters, really -- nothing matters more in determining the outcome of the presidential election than the major American media. You're just along for the ride, boys and girls.

When former Vice President Al Gore lands in Honolulu, HI today to campaign for Sen. John Kerry, he will be visiting a state he won by nearly 20 percentage points in 2000 and one that President Bush has visited exactly once since January 2001.

The Democratic effort to shore up the Aloha State, which includes ads from the party and independent groups as well as recent satellite interviews by former President Clinton, will be complicated by a visit from the current Vice President — who plans a 11:00 pm local (!) stop on Sunday night in the middle of what by our count is a 38-hour campaign day. LINK

On the mainland, Clinton will campaign in the Southwest in three states he won in both 1992 and 1996 — Nevada today, New Mexico tomorrow and Sunday, Arkansas on Sunday.

The man Clinton beat, former President Bush, campaigns today in Palm Beach with his son Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, while his granddaughters Jenna and Barbara Bush speak in Bensalem, PA.

Jeb's son, George P., is in Ohio. And John Kerry's colleague, Teddy Kennedy, will hit the hustings in the state that helped give his brother the Presidency in 1960, campaigning in Montgomery, Logan, and Williamson, WV with Sens. Byrd and Rockefeller.

It's a guy's day on the trail with President Bush today. Bush is scheduled to hold a 10:45 am ET rally in Manchester, NH, after a 12:45 pm ET airport rally in Portsmouth, NH and a 4:10 pm ET Toledo, OH rally, meets California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus for a 6:50 pm ET rally.

The President will deliver a moderately retooled speech focusing on the war on terrorism and what he calls Kerry's wavering leadership.

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