The Note: Surprise Party

Stephanie Mansfield of the Washington Times writes :Mocked for her use of cosmetics during the 36-day recount battle and vilified by Democrats as a partisan with close personal ties to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Mrs. Harris [Katherine] has once again become a target in this battleground state." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Ohio:

The Columbus Dispatch duo of Niquette and Rowland write up the shift from pre election challenges to Election Day challenges at polling sites. LINK

"Ohio voters are nearly split over their choice for president, according to a new Plain Dealer poll that shows President Bush's lead over John Kerry has shrunk to 3 percentage points, making the race statistically too close to call."

"Ohio voters surveyed say they favor Bush over his Democratic challenger, 48 percent to 45 percent, down from a Plain Dealer poll of the same size conducted in mid-September, when the president held an 8-point lead, 50 percent to 42 percent. Five percent of voters in the new poll say they are undecided, down from 6 percent in September," writes Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. LINK

"Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell projected last night that nearly 5.8 million Ohioans will go to the polls or vote absentee. If he's right, the turnout would top the total from the 2000 presidential race by almost a million and would exceed by 750,000 the Ohio record, set in 1992 when independent H. Ross Perot joined Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush on the presidential ballot," reports the Columbus Dispatch. LINK

The Los Angeles Times has an excellent roundup of yesterday's Buckeye State court activity. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Pennsylvania:

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the deadline for receipt of overseas and military ballots in Pennsylvania has been extended until eight days after the election. However, this may not be the end since GOP leaders then went and filed a separate motion in state court to push back the deadline even further. LINK

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the seemingly last scheduled presidential candidate trips to the Keystone State. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Iowa:

The Des Moines Register's Tom Beaumont makes the case for Iowa's central role in this presidential contest. LINK

Beaumont also reports that all four candidates will be in the state "within 72 hours of Election Day." LINK

The Des Moines Register's Frank Santiago reports that as much as 30 percent of Iowa's votes may be cast early. LINK

Reflux redux: the Washington Post's Mark Leibovich on Iowa as the "acid test." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Colorado:

Long lines persisted -- even on the last day of early voting. Half of voters are expected to cast ballots by absentee or early voting. LINK

Senate candidate Ken Salazar ventured into Golden, Colorado Friday! LINK

Both candidates are out wearing holes in their shoes. LINK

Salazar and Coors differ big-time on Iraq. LINK

A new Rocky Mountain News/News 4 poll shows Bush is leading Kerry 51 percent to 42 percent. LINK

Frustration and controversy swells over missing/delayed absentee ballots. LINK

The politics of national security:

It looks like the President will not have an intelligence reform bill to sign prior to the election. LINK


Ralph Nader will campaign in his native state of Connecticut today. The independent candidate has mostly stayed away from battlegrounds in the days leading up to Nov. 2. LINK

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